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Year 9 Youth Homeless Tour and Cruise

Monday, April 04, 2022

On Thursday 31st of March, The Year 9 students went on an excursion into the city for the day to learn about homelessness, how it impacts people and our year level theme bridges. We departed from school at 9am to make sure we were on time for the start of our activities. 9A and 9D started off with the homeless tour accompanied by Miss Wakim, Miss Garra and Miss Athaide meanwhile 9B and 9C went on a river cruise along the Yarra River accompanied by Miss Pote, Miss Rovetto and Sister Rita. On the Yarra cruise, we learnt about all the different bridges around the Yarra River and how they were made and who they were named by. When we turned around, we listened to music and took photos of the scenery and with each other to cherish this moment. After a fun experience on the Yarra cruise, we headed off to The Salvation Army to learn about homelessness and how it relates to our novel ‘The Simple Gift.’ The homeless tour was a walking tour so we would learn about different aspects of homelessness in Australia in different areas of the city. We learnt about the statistics of homelessness around Australia and majority of homelessness is in between the ages of 25-34. We also learnt why things happen with the question ‘But Why’ and we got different scenarios and wrote but why after each statement. We listened to a story about a man named Brian who went through lots of troubles just to not be homeless anymore and lastly, we gathered in a circle and were asked to answer either ‘ I wish I wonder and I like’ to end of this beautiful day. - Isabella 9C

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