11 May Newsletter 2023

Principal's Message

Mother’s Day Blessing Prayer:

On this Mother’s Day, we pray for blessings on all women who have loved and nurtured us throughout our lives. We give thanks for the mothers who have guided and protected us, who have taught and encouraged us.

We give thanks for mothers who have passed away, birth mothers, adoptive mothers, foster mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, and for all women who take on a motherly role.

We ask your blessing, dear Lord, upon mothers who have lost children, that they may have your continuing strength and courage. We ask your blessing too, upon those who would like to be mothers. Pour your blessings upon all women here today. Give them the strength to live the faithful and loving lives you call them to live. Protect and guide them. Keep them in your care. Our Lady, a role model for all women, pray for us.


Click on image below for a special reflection on Mothers by Pope Francis from 2020:

Praying the Rosary at Home

Catholics are encouraged to pray the Rosary especially in the month of May. We are encouraged to pray as a family, teaching our children the importance of family prayer.

Here are some resources to help you pray the Rosary with your children.

Click on image to pray the Rosary with your family:

Click below for a very traditional hymn in English:

Parents & Friends

Thank you to all our parents. Especially the mums on our Parent & Friends committee who continue to support us. We are very blessed to have you. A very happy Mother’s Day and may you and your families be blessed.

- Ms Joanne Bacash

Deputy Principal - Cedar Campus

Welcome to Term 2. I trust that all students had a lovely break over the past couple of weeks in our beautiful Melbourne Autumn weather and are rested and ready to embrace the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead. I also hope that families were able to spend time together to celebrate Easter and rejoice in the risen Lord.

May all who are part of Antonine Community find a welcome place as we continue our journey with hope and joy. We also pray that, as we begin the new term, through the light of Christ we will continue to strengthen our relationships with one another.

Happy Easter to the many families in the Antonine community who celebrated Orthodox Easter during the holidays. We trust you had a blessed day celebrating the risen Lord with your families.

We also send our prayers and best wishes to the Islamic families in our community who celebrated Eid- Eid Mubarak!

On Wednesday 10th May we celebrated Mother’s Day for all our mums, grandmothers and all women who are “mother-like” in our lives. We celebrate our mothers who are with us and those who are no longer with us. Through the love they show, the way they nurture and care for us, mothers help us to understand what God is like. This year we hosted a special Morning Tea and a Foundation - Year 3 Assembly. A special thanks to all the mums that attended. It was a great success.

Thank you to Sr Veronique, Ms Vivien and all the P & F Committee members who worked hard to make our Mothers’ Day stall and Mother’s Day Morning Tea and Assembly a huge success. Our students were excited to perform and purchase a special gift for their mums.

- Mr Abraham Diab

Faith Development

Laudato Si Week

Laudato Si Week is a week dedicated to promoting the encyclical letter written by Pope Francis. Pope Francis stresses to us all how we are called to care for our common home and to care for all creation. At Antonine, across both campuses, we will be acknowledging Laudato Si week from Monday 22nd – Friday 26th of May. Please find attached a flyer from Caritas Australia on how you can commemorate this week at home!

Click here to read more

- Ms Tanya Khattar

Easter Hat Parade

Over the Term 1 break, students in F-4 were challenged to create an Easter Hat to be paraded after our Easter prayer service. It was amazing to see so many students tap into their creative skills to create some wonderful hats. A big well done to all the students who participated and congratulations to all our amazing winners. We hope you all had a blessed Easter.

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- Ms Tanya Khattar

ANZAC Day Prayer Service

Over the Term 1 break, students in Year 5 and 6 were challenged to create an artwork around the theme of the ANZAC’s to be put on display during our ANZAC Day prayer service. It was great to see our students get creative and bring in some wonderful artworks to share with their peers. On Friday 28th April, we were able to come together to acknowledge and give thanks to our fearless soldiers. We give thanks to those who fought and served for our country, for our freedom and for what we have been gifted today. Lest we forget.

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- Ms Tanya Khattar

Cedar Campus - Mother's Day video

Students across F-6 were asked 3 questions about the mother figures in their lives; How do you spend time with them? How do they show you they love you? And What’s a message you want to send them today?

We wish all our amazing mothers, grandmothers, aunties, big sisters, Godmothers and all mother figures in our lives a wonderful and blessed Happy Mothers Day!

- Ms Tanya Khattar

Mother's Day Breakfast and Assembly

On Wednesday 10th of May, the Parents and Friends Committee held a wonderful morning tea for all our beautiful mothers at Cedar Campus. We thank them for their amazing support and efforts in making sure the morning went off without a hitch. A special thank you to the businesses who supplied our morning tea;

  • Tabets Coburg,
  • Melbourne's Finest Catering by Mary,
  • Lonsdale Larder
  • Canteen Co.

Also a special thank you to Sr Veronique and Vivien for all their work behind the scenes. To all the mothers, grandmothers, aunties and guardians who attended the morning tea, we hope you enjoyed the spread and thank you too for all the selfless work you do with the students each and every day. After the conclusion of the morning tea we had an F-3 assembly where students in Year 2 and 3 led us in a prayer and were followed by a series of different Arabic and English performances. It was wonderful to see their hard work and practice pay off.

We are truly blessed with such amazing mothers in our lives and we thank each and every one of you. We pray that God continues to guide you in this vocation and that you have a very happy and blessed Mothers Day!

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- Ms Tanya Khattar

Month of Mary

During the month of May we celebrate our wonderful Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary. All students in F-6 were given a flower template to colour in so that we can give them to Mary and ask for her intercession. During the month of May in the Cedar atrium we have a display for the students to enjoy and reflect around. The artwork is also provided by students in 6B

We pray that Mary blesses us all and ask her to continue guiding us in our lives.

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- Ms Tanya Khattar

Year 5 and 6 Reconciliation

On Wednesday 3rd of May students in Years 5 and 6 attended Reconciliation with Father Richard. Reconciliation is an important sacrament in the Catholic faith where we confess our sins. A priest listens to our sins and absolves us of our wrong doings on behalf of Jesus. Students in Year 5 heard the parable of the lost son and how we need to realise our choices in life and work towards doing good and being remorseful for our actions while Year 6’s read about Zaccheus and his pleading with Jesus for forgiveness, to cleanse him of his selfish ways. It's important we know that we are all called to be forgivers and to seek forgiveness.

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- Ms Tanya Khattar

CatholicCare Family Week

National Families Week is a time to celebrate with your family, connect with your extended family and friends, and share in the enjoyment of family activities within the wider community. This year we celebrate National Families Week from Monday 15th – Friday 19th of May. Please find attached different ways you can celebrated National Families Week at home!

Click to read more

- Ms Tanya Khattar

Year 11 Spiritual Retreat

On Thursday the 4th of May, the Year 11 students experienced a retreat day with the Youth Mission Team Melbourne (YMT) which focused on the Year 11 theme of leadership. The retreat's main goal was to expose us to events and performances that would strengthen our faith and teach us the value of leadership in many contexts. We had the chance to participate in a number of activities, each of which delivered an important message. Themes like leadership, self-worth, God's love for us, the idea of listening to God's voice instead of the voice of the world, and many more were covered in a variety of brief performances that we had the opportunity to see. The Year 11 students enjoyed a wonderful day where they had time to think about their lives and their connection to God, as well as a group prayer in silence.

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- Angela Nissan, 11B

Movin for Meals

For the past couple of years Antonine College has participated in the ‘Movin for Meals’ initiative run by St Mary’s House of Welcome. Rob, Ayesha, Cosette and myself were lucky enough to be a part of one of the volunteer BBQ afternoons they had back in December of 2022 and to this day it is still one of the most powerful and rewarding experiences I have completed in my life. This ‘Movin’ for Meals’ initiative has been created to raise much needed funds to provide hot, nutritious meals over the coming year to people who are sleeping rough on our streets and those most vulnerable within our society. As a college in 2022, we raised a total of $1833 which was used to directly assist individuals in Melbourne. This initiative is open to all staff and students in the college and the link below can be used to make a donation to support us and the wonderful work that St Mary’s House of Welcome provides to the marginalised.

- Miss Isabella Athaide

St Joseph Campus Mother's Day Stall

Student leaders from Year 7 – 12 have assisted with the introduction of a Mother’s Day Stall at St Joseph Campus. This is a long-standing initiative at Cedar campus run by the P&F committee, and we were happy to be a part of this initiative so students at the Secondary campus could also purchase an item for their mums or any special mother like figures in their life. I thank the student leaders in particular the year 12 leaders for their ongoing support and facilitation of this event.

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- Miss Isabella Athaide

Project Compassion

Thank you to all our students, staff, and families, for participating in the various fundraisers for Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion in Term 1 across both Cedar and St Joseph’s Campus. These fundraisers included a bake sale, guessing the number of lollies in the lolly jar, a casual clothes day and donations in the collection boxes. As a College, we raised an incredible amount of $3124.25 which will assist individuals living in the most vulnerable communities in Australia and across the globe.

- Ms Natalie Saliba

Learning and Wellbeing

College Wellbeing and Learning Expectations

Students and teachers are becoming familiar with implementing our College Wellbeing and Learning Expectations that align to our pedagogical framework Wellbeing for Learning.

At Antonine we believe that wellbeing is integral to learning and learning generates positive wellbeing.

We have identified the pillars: Enable, Connect, Engage and Faith that provide foundations for success.

To support our students to achieve success the College Wellbeing and Learning Expectations have been developed. Please read and discuss upholding these expectations with your child.

- Ms Ria Coffey

Classroom Helpers

This term, we are excited to announce we are restarting the Classroom Helpers program. Having parents help out in the classroom is a great way to build strong connections between home and school and create a great feeling of community. The parents who offered to help attended one of two training sessions where we discussed the Literacy block and how they can support students and teachers. Classroom helpers will be supporting the F-2 Literacy block starting very soon. If you would like to support the students and become a classroom helper, please leave your name at the office and you will be notified when another training session will be running. Thank you to all of those parents who volunteered to help out!

- Janine Wanda and Jessica Hine

Year 1 Gardening

The Year 1 students had a successful start to the Junior Garden Program. The students harvested the bumper crop of carrots, celery, basil and lettuce. Some of the organic produce was sold to staff and parents and the rest was enjoyed by the students.

Thank you to Miss Michelle and Sister Veronique who sold the produce and all the staff and parents who bought it. All proceeds will be put back into the garden.

Click here for photos

- Ms Janine Wanda

Olive Picking

Olive trees are very important in the bible. We call it olive tree, the blessed tree. It is the symbol of peace.

On Wednesday 27 April 2023 our students participated in picking olives from our olive trees. Our students had the experience learning how to pickle olive. This experience allowed students to reconnect and appreciate nature. This is one of the most fascinating experiences students can enjoy.

Once all the olives were picked, students organised a fundraiser and sold them to our staff and parents. We raised $210 ! This money will go towards maintaining our garden.

A fantastic effort and we thank all who supported us!

Click here for photos

- Sister Veronique Karam

Cedar Campus Library - What’s on in May

May is National Family Reading Month and the following events have been planned to celebrate books and reading.

  1. Read More in May Challenge - students are encouraged to read every day in May for at least ten minutes and record their reading on a reading log that was distributed to all students during library lessons. At the end of the month a parent signs the reading log, and it is returned to school. There are 18 book pack prizes to be won for participating in the challenge (one for each class).
  2. Scholastic Book Fair - Tuesday 16 to Friday 19 May. Great value books, posters and stationery items can be bought at the Book Fair. Open during break 1 and break 2 each day.
  3. National Simultaneous Storytime - Wednesday 24 May. Students in Foundation to Year 2 will participate in this event by listening to the story The Speedy Sloth by Rebecca Young and completing literature-based activities in class.

Photos and further information will be published in the newsletter in June.

- Mr Gavan Kelly

Cedar Athletics Day

We are thrilled to report that our recent Cedar Primary School Athletics Day was a tremendous success! Our students demonstrated impressive athleticism, teamwork, and sportsmanship, making for a truly memorable day.

The event was held on a cool but clear day, with all of our students excited to compete and represent their house groups. Maroun, Patterson, Nassar, and McKillop houses all participated with great enthusiasm, and we are proud to announce the final results:

  • In fourth place, the Maroun house put up a valiant effort and displayed impressive teamwork throughout the day.
  • In third place, the Patterson house showed great determination and sportsmanship, always cheering on their fellow housemates.
  • In second place, the Nassar house demonstrated impressive athleticism and skill, making for some truly exciting races.
  • And in first place, the McKillop house emerged as the overall winners, showcasing incredible speed, strength, and agility throughout the day.

We would like to congratulate all of our students for their participation and hard work, and extend our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated staff and volunteers who made this day possible.

We hope that our students have been inspired to continue pursuing physical activity and healthy competition, and we look forward to many more exciting events in the future!

Click here for photos

- Mr Hayden Wyllie

Bus Expectations

At Antonine College, 80% of both primary and secondary students use the bus service to go to and from school.

The same expectations at school, extend to the bus service and will be followed up with the College’s disciplinary policy. If a student is continually unable to follow the expected behaviours, they will be suspended from using the bus service for one week.

Students must ensure their peers and drivers are safe by following expectations all the time.

Congratulations to Sienna Semaan (7D) for her winning design. Her poster will be placed around the school and on the busses as a visual reminder of expected behaviours.

- Miss Ayesha Guido

Australian Sports Museum

In our Year 9 Fitness Elective students have been engaging in a new unit of work “Indigenous Cultural Games”. The purpose of this unit of work is to examine the role physical activity, outdoor recreation, and sport play in the lives of Australians and investigate how this has changed over time. Students have studied how most of the modern sporting games played by people all around the world originated from Indigenous tribes and have been adapted over time to suit modern technology and ensuring games are safe and inclusive. During the day students were able to explore The Australian Sports Museum and partake in the ‘Indigenous Trail’ of the museum to see the many contributions Indigenous sportspeople have made to Australian sport. Key figures like Cathy Freemen, Kevin Coombs and Evonne Goolagong Cawley are just some of the many Indigenous sportspeople students have been studying.

We were lucky enough at the end of our time at the museum to be taken out onto the MCG to learn about the history of the biggest stadium in Australia. Students were about to walk out onto the field, have a seat on the AFL interchange bench where all the star AFL plays sit during games, have a tour of the change rooms and recovery rooms, and have a mock interview in the press conference room. We are very lucky to have been given this opportunity through this unit of work, students were highly engaged and loved the day. I thank Sr Rita for accompanying myself and the students for this excursion.

Click here for photos

- Miss Isabella Athaide

VET Allied Health - Infection Control Activity

Year 11 first year Allied Health students engaged in an activity to demonstrate Infection control.

They planned and prepared to make sandwiches for themselves and teaching staff. The process required ensuring they followed correct hand washing procedures, used personal protective equipment and that ingredients, surfaces and equipment were thoroughly cleaned.

Students worked with teacher trainer Dr Nisha.

Students also took part in Structured Workplace Learning at Craigcare nursing home in Pascoe Vale during the holiday break. These students were able to assist and observe Allied Health staff including, nurses, physiotherapists, speech pathologist, dentist and podiatrists. Students also enjoyed working with the lifestyle coordinator who engaged students to assist the residents in a range of recreational activities.

Students, Natasha Albazi and Rita Rahoomi were commended for their initiative running bingo games with residents. All students are praised for making a great effort to use their school holiday time. They will have another week next school break at Craigcare to complete the workplace requirement that will contribute towards Certificate III in Allied Health.

We also thank the parents of students who assisted with transport to the placement.

Click here for photos

- Mrs Josie Rovetto

Year 11 and 12 Careers Guest Speakers professions

Tuesday May 2nd Year 11 and 12 met with a panel of speakers comprising of young professionals in a range of careers. Ms Marcus invited colleagues including an Antonine alumni to volunteer their time to speak our students during a careers lesson.

Sarah Goga: Business Development Manager, Reproductive Genetics

Mary Kalandos: Chiropractor

Samuel Gewargis: Project Engineer at Windtech

Dooren Markas: Senior Solicitor

Dominique Athaide: Account director at an Advertising Agency

Senior students are at a time in their career development where they are considering their interests with greater depth.

In addition to reading about careers, our senior students had the opportunity to:

  • Learn from the experience of others,
  • Ask about what to expect in study, search for work and work itself,
  • Refer to these experiences to help prepare for own pathways.

We asked key questions such as

  • What is your job and where do you work?
  • Describe what your work involves on a typical day?
  • How did you prepare for further study and training and where did you study?
  • What ‘stand out’ skills and attributes are needed for your job?
  • What do you know now, that you wish you were told in year 11/12?

Students learned that each professional developed an interest and passion for a subject whether at school or once they started tertiary study, they learned the importance of having a mentor and managing time effectively. When asked about skills and attributes were needed for their job, all the panellists agreed on the importance of communication skills, being able to listen carefully to clients, understand briefs and convey information written and spoken.

After the presentation, students were invited to the seminar room in the library to ask more questions. Students appreciated the opportunity to meet with the panellists and get a better understanding of what to expect as they plan their pathways and consider the work opportunities for the future.

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- Mrs Josie Rovetto

Upcoming Dates:

12 May: Mother's Day Dinner Dance

16-19 May: Scholastic Book Fair - Cedar Campus

18-19 May: Year 5 Camp

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