23 March Newsletter 2023

Principal's Message

Week of Important Feast Days

Last Sunday, we celebrated the Feast of St Joseph. An important Feast for all Christians but particularly important to us as we have a campus named after him. St. Joseph was an ordinary manual labourer although he descended from the royal house of David. He was destined to become the spouse of Mary, the Mother of God. His high privilege is expressed in a single phrase, "Foster-father of Jesus." About him Sacred Scripture has little more to say than that he was a just man. An expression which indicates how faithfully he fulfilled his high trust of protecting and guarding God's greatest treasures upon earth, Jesus and Mary.

On Thursday 23 March, we celebrated the Feast of St Rafka. Saint Rafqa, also known as Saint Rebecca, was born in Hemlaya, Lebanon on June 29, 1832. She has an amazing life story. Despite suffering immense pain for many years, she remained joyous at sharing in the suffering of Christ. Read more on her life here -

Also you can watch these clips about her (with subtitles) - Great to watch with the family to explain to the children her life story.

On Saturday 25 March, we celebrate the Annunciation. In the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, we learned that the angel Gabriel came to Mary and announced that she was to be the mother of Jesus. Greeting her, he said, “Hail, favoured one! The Lord is with you.” [Lk 1:28] Troubled by this greeting, Mary did not know what to make of it. Gabriel assured her of God’s love for her and told her, “…you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall name him Jesus.” [Lk 1:31] The angel informed her how the Holy Spirit would come to her and, to help her to understand the power of God, told her that her cousin, Elizabeth, had conceived a child in her old age. Mary’s response to Gabriel’s words were, “…I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word.” [Lk 1:38]

Mary did not immediately think of herself, but set out to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, to be with her at the birth of John the Baptist. We will celebrate this unselfish act on May 31, the Visitation.

Mary’s message today: Our greatest saint, Mary, did one simple thing. She listened to God’s will—that she was to be the mother of Jesus—and she accepted God’s will.

In this special week with so many Feast Days, we can all ask ourselves, ‘Have we accepted God’s will in our lives? We pray for an understanding of what God is calling us to do.

May Mother Mary, St Joseph and St Rafka intercede on behalf of our Antonine College community and keep us all safe.

Upcoming Parent Teacher Interviews

On Thursday 30 March, (a pupil free day – no classes), parents will have opportunity to meet with teachers, online in TEAMS meetings, to discuss their child’s progress. Once PTI opens, parents will be able to log on and make appointments.

I encourage you to have your child with you for the interview. Please try to be in a quiet space in the house for interviews so there a less interruptions. Both offices will be open on the day, in case you have issues connecting. More information will go out.

End of Term 1

Yes, believe it or not, we are almost at the end of term 1. Just a reminder that the last day of classes in Thursday 6 April (Holy Thursday). Good Friday is a public holiday.

Parents and Friends (P&F) Events

We are very grateful to our supportive Parents and Friends Committee and I encourage all parents to get behind their initiatives.

Please note the Easter raffle proceeds will go towards the $30,000 target set by the P&F. They decided to put these funds towards the development of Food Technology Facilities at the College.

The Mother’s Day Dance fundraiser will go towards supporting the Antonine Sisters so they can continue to do great work in the community. The Antonine Sisters have supported so many of us over the years, it will be great if we can support them. This night promises to be a fun event for our mums, grandmothers, aunties etc. who are sure to get their dancing shoes on as they get a night off from family commitments.

We encourage you to support our P&F Committee.


Our annual school photos have been taken and are now ready to order. Arthur Reed Photos uses an online ordering system where you can view your photos prior to ordering.

On photo day all students received a flyer which includes a code unique to them. You will require this 2023 code to register online and view your photos. If you have already registered, you will receive an email or SMS from Arthur Reed Photos with a link to view your photos. If you have not yet registered, please go to and enter your code to complete your order.

If you have misplaced your registration code, please contact the Arthur Reed Photos customer service team directly on 5243 4390 (option 1) or

Please note that you will need to register online with your 2023 photo code to gain access to this year’s images.

All photo packages will be sent directly to your nominated address, so please ensure that you enter the correct details and nominated shipping address upon checkout. If you require any assistance ordering your photos, please contact Arthur Reed Photos directly on 5243 4390 (option 1) or email

- Ms Joanne Bacash

Deputy Principal - Cedar Campus

You Can Do It!

Every Friday teachers nominate students for showing YCDI qualities. Students are presented with a certificate and star. All the stars placed on our Stars of Antonine pinboard. Congratulations to:

10 March:

  • Marita Alsamara FA
  • Ali Salloum FA
  • Mateo Elkhouri FB
  • Helene Diab FB
  • Charbel Mardini FC
  • Christopher Aoun 1A
  • Noah Hussein 1B
  • Khalil Yarak 1C
  • Miriam El Fakhry 2A
  • Jackie Elkhoury 2B
  • Nyah Al Rachid 2C
  • Habib Semaan 3A
  • Charbel Yonan 3B
  • Jawad Ismail 4A
  • Royce Goro 4B
  • Tia Haddad 4C
  • Adelle Farah 5A
  • Rami Kudadi 5B
  • Martine Abou Zeid 6A
  • Joseph Alatieh 6B
  • Joshua David 6B

17 March

  • Nardeen Galo FA
  • Laura Kadamani FB
  • Chantal Abielias FC
  • Tony Abi-Nohra 1A
  • Miriam Diab 1B
  • Tia Ghandour 1C
  • Sara Sleiman 2A
  • Celina Yarak 2B
  • Melissa Abbas 2C
  • Rafka Hadchity 3A
  • Maria Haddad 3B
  • Antonio Elsheikh 4A
  • Zahra Ghosn 4B
  • Taim Al Samara 4C
  • Rachelle Al Rachid 5A
  • Elijah Mitri 5B
  • Peter Alzwahra 6A
  • Chloe Saba 6B
  • Joelle El Ali 6B

Faith Development

St Patrick's Mass at St Patrick Cathedral

On Friday 17th March, Sr Rita, Ms Khattar and student leaders from both campuses were fortunate enough to attend a mass commemorating the Feast of St Patrick at St Patrick's Cathedral in the city. It was a beautiful mass celebrated by Archbishop Peter Comensoli. It was wonderful to see so many schools come together and pray together as one. After the mass, we attended the Catholic Education concert in the park where the students listened to other schools perform and were able to collaborate and play a few games.

We pray to St Patrick for his intercession that he may continue to guide us in the way of the Lord.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Click here for photos

- Ms Tanya Khattar

Stations of the Cross

During the Season of Lent, we gather each Friday to walk along Jesus through the Stations of the Cross. Now at Cedar and St Joseph we will be able to walk the path with visuals for our students to grasp the true journey Jesus took when walking to his death. Each campus will have the 14 stations set up for teachers and students to use throughout this great season.

- Ms Tanya Khattar and Ms Natalie Saliba

Year 6A Caritas Live Q&A

During one of our Religious Education lessons in 6A, we were fortunate enough to join members from Caritas Australia alongside other schools across Victoria in a live Q&A. Our focus was on the story of Teeresa who is an Indigenous Australian. Throughout her life she has engaged in many programs supported by Caritas Australia. It was an engaging morning where our students were able to come on camera to ask the members questions about Teeresa’s story.

Caritas Australia work tirelessly each day and promote their work particularly during Lent through Project Compassion. At Antonine College we fully support the work that Caritas Australia continues to do.

- Ms Tanya Khattar

Project Compassion Bake Sale

Student reflection:

On Wednesday the 15th of March during Break 1 and 2, with the help of Student Leaders, Faith Club and staff, we were able to host a bake sale. This has been on ongoing initiative we have wanted to run for many years but due to COVID we have been unable to do so. Students and staff baked sweets to raise much needed funds for Project Compassion. There were all types of sweets, such as honey joys, jelly, cupcakes, Hedgehog, Tim Tam slice, Pannacotta and many more. As soon as the bell went students gathered and were more than happy to contribute to donations and purchase some delicious sweets. Overall, the outcome was amazing with roughly $800 being raised. We thank all students and staff who cooked for this initiative as well as all remaining student and staff members who purchased to support us. It is truly appreciated.

Click here for photos

- Eva Harika

Learning and Wellbeing

Clean Up Australia Day at Cedar Campus

Thank you to all of Cedar Campus for your efforts during Clean Up Australia Day, the school has never looked so tidy!

Every year level had the chance to go out around the school grounds and clean up as much rubbish as possible. The SRC leaders did a terrific job cleaning up litter at Merri Creek and outside the school grounds as well. We need to remember that we are called to care for creation, put our litter in the bins and encourage others to do the same.

Click here for photos

- Mr Hayden Wyllie

Earth Hour

Saturday the 26th of March is Earth Hour!

At 8:30pm we encourage all families to switch off their lights and all electrical appliances as part of the collective effort to take time out for our planet. Use this time to reflect on the incredible benefits nature provides us and create a better future for people and the planet.

For more information, please head to

- The Earth Care Team

Gardening at Cedar Campus

This year gardening will be part of our curriculum for our Year 3 and 4 students. Not only will our students learn about basic gardening concepts, they will also develop additional skills for living and learning that can last a lifetime. Our garden is about more than growing vegetables, it is an outdoor living classroom that encourages learning in the outdoors, a healthy lifestyle and sustainable living. Activities are also focused on sustainability and environmental awareness.

Student learning Includes:

  • Soil health and biology
  • Compost, weeding, and recycling
  • Lifecycles – from planting a seed, growing the plant, harvesting and eating, to collecting the seed for next year’s use
  • Bugs – beneficial and pests

Our garden is a highlight for many of our students and encourages personal growth, by providing a positive space to explore, belong and just be.

During this term we have been working hard to maintain our school garden. We have planted a variety of vegetables including carrots, celery, broccoli, cabbages and broad beans. We look forward to a plentiful harvest in the weeks to come.

Click here for photos

- Mr Blanco, Ms Gawro and Ms Petraki

Foundation and Year 6 buddies Athletics Rotation

On Friday 17th March, Foundation A, B and C met with their buddies in 6A and B to participate in lots of fun sporting activities on the oval. These activities are in preparation the Cedar Campus Athletics Carnival which will be held in term 2. The Foundation students really enjoyed participating in a variety of sporting activities with the support of their Year 6 buddies.

Click here for photos

- Mrs Barbara Siddiqui

Digital Technology

This year, students will be introduced to robotics as part of the digital technology curriculum. F-2 students will learn to program devices to make them move along a path. Here are some introduction videos that the students will be working with later in the year.

- Ms Janine Wanda

F-2 Flying Bookworm Incursion

On Monday the 20th of March students from F-2 watched a performance from the Flying Bookworm of Jack and the Bean Stalk, The Giant Turnip and The Little Red Hen as a part of their Drama unit for art. Students in Year 1 have reviewed their performance and written about their favourite stories and parts of the play. The Gigantic Turnip

Click here for photos

- Ms Adele Chamoun

Year 1 and 5 Reading buddies

This term at Cedar we have been focusing on the term “Reading is Thinking” within our reading session. This term allows our students to really think about what reading means to them and the reason why we read. On Friday the 17th of March students from 1C and 5B came together to do some buddied reading. During this session the students were able to talk about the books they liked to read, demonstrate reading skills they have been learning in class and share their love of reading with one another.

Click here for photos

- Ms Laura Irons

St Patrick's Day Art

On Friday the 17th of March, students from 1C and 5B came together to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! After learning about Saint Patrick and his life, we used our creative skills to make these amazing art works!

Click here for photos

- Ms Laura Irons

Year 2 Numeracy

In Year 2, we have been working on Place Value. The children are learning about ones, tens and hundreds and the value of each digit in a number. To understand this concept, we have been using MAB blocks.

The children were very creative and made their own MAB Monsters. They were very excited and came up with some great ideas.

Click here for photos

- Mrs Anna Candido

    Year 6 Arts

    Year 6 students learned how to create a realistic portrait. They chose a teacher from Cedar campus to create a painted portrait. Students took and studied a photo of their teacher, sketched then painted with watercolour. When no teachers were in the staffroom, these portraits were quickly hung up for display to surprise the staff as an art prank! Teachers were thrilled, entertained and surprised to see these portraits appear on the wall! Well done to our talented Year 6 artists.

    Click here for photos

    - Mrs Hocking

    Year 6 Parliament Excursion

    On Friday the 10th of March Year 6 went to the Parliament House of Victoria in the city. The first thing we did was go to the Library and learnt how this was the first Parliament house that was used in 1901, we also saw the first Mace and first Black Rod ever used in there. We learnt that the Victorian governmenet members use this library to read books. After the library we went to the Legislative Assembly (The Lower House). In the Legislative Assembly we got to learn about the voting system and how it works. Next, we learnt about the voting process in the Legislative Council (The Upper House). We saw a bill that would voted on and saw where the Queen would sit if she was there. After attending the Parliament House we went to explore St Patrick's Cathedral and had the opportunity to play at Birrarung Marr Park before returning to school.

    Click here for photos

    - Lucas Zakharia, 6A

    Harmony Day

    Thank you to all staff and students for the success of the Harmony Day activities.

    The students enjoyed dancing the Iraqi and Lebanese Dabkeh, singing, and choosing facial drawings that belong to multiple cultural backgrounds, and the participants in the poetry competition excelled with their distinguished performance.

    Special thanks to students Kreste Yaekoub and Andre Fatoul for designing posters for this occasion, and to students Loujain Al Saloum, Emmy Yaekoub and Rand Farrouh for their participation with the judges in the poetry competition.

    Congratulations to the students who participated in the poetry competition, and their results were as follows:

    1st place - Idwardo Al-Kile (Year 7)

    2nd place - Elias Farrouh (Year 8)

    1st place - Maghi Farrouh (Year 10)

    2nd place - Sally Alnakoula (Year 9)

    3rd place - Rose Dwayeb (Year 9)

    3rd place - Ghazal Almaari (Year 9)

    Click here for photos

    - Mrs Layla Issa

    Year 7 Health and PE

    Year 7 students participated in their basketball unit at Coburg basketball stadium, running a series of drills and skills to be able to work on spatial awareness, teamwork and game sense during a game of basketball. The students also got to learn how to use the digital scoreboard and the rules of basketball to prepare themselves for inter school sports.

    Click here for photos

    - Mr Adrian Zammit

    Year 8 Dance Incursion

    From Monday the 6th to Friday the 10th of March all Year 8 students participated in a Hip Hop incursion within their dance class. Hip Hop instructors came to the college and taught the Year 8 cohort some grooves and learnt a dance which they performed to each other at the end of the lesson. It was great to see all students participating and performing. Below are some comments from students in Year 8.

    Click here to read comments from students and for photos

    - Ms Indira Natoli

    Year 8 Science

    In Ms Hatios, Mr Metsios and Mr Zammits Year 8 Science classes students are learning about cells and how to use a microscope. Students also got to use some super fun interactive ICT activities that displayed a 3-D model of a cell after they coloured it in using a range of colours of their choice. Using ICT in different ways helps a range of learning be exposed to multimodal forms of learning.

    Click here for photos

    - Mr Adrian Zammit

    Year 10 Excursion to La Trobe University

    Year 10 Excursion to La Trobe to experience a University and participate in workshops. Students had the opportunity to visit the new Sports Stadium, FIFA accredited field, Moot court, Archaeology, Wildlife sanctuary meet Engineers - civil, IT and robotic and Industrial. Students used this opportunity to consider different courses available at University and think about work experience opportunities that will help with decision making for future planning in senior school.

    Click here for more photos

    - Ms Josie Rovetto

    Year 10 Outdoor Education

    Year 10 Outdoor Education class, enjoying and soaking up the wonderful weather. Walking alongside the coast of St Kilda beach and visiting sites of Melbourne Luna Park.

    - Mr Emile Fakhry

    Premier League Boys Soccer Team

    Premier League Boys Soccer Team participating and competing against high quality oppositions in our SACCSS tournament. Latrobe Sports Stadium providing an excellent FIFA approved soccer pitch for our Home game matches.

    - Mr Emile Fakhry

    Year 11 VM Personal Development Skills - Escape Room

    On Monday 20th, students from the Year 11 VM Personal Development Skills class journeyed to Highpoint to participate in an escape room challenge. Students were split into two teams and had to complete a series of clues relying on their wit, general knowledge and each other to be able to escape the room and complete the challenge within the 50 minute time limit.

    Both teams were successful, and all the students’ feedback showed they enjoyed the opportunity. Students have been learning about interpersonal skills and social awareness, they have just recently completed an activity about leadership and teamwork and what makes an effective leader, completing the challenges in the escape room gave them the chance to put what they have learned in the classroom and apply it in a practical situation, focusing on the strengths of each other and how this can make a team stronger and more effective.

    All students were beautifully behaved and represented the school well.

    - Mrs Maureen Vitetta

    Year 11 Wellbeing Afternoon

    Friday 17 March, to celebrate the hard work of settling into VCE and giving students and staff an opportunity to come together and bond as a year level, the Year 11 VCE students walked down to shore reserve during break 2 to share a pizza lunch and participate in some games. The swings and a game of footy proved the most popular. The students enjoyed the event and asked if they could have a walk to the park every Friday afternoon!

    The sun was shining, students were happy and enjoyed the break from regular classes. Thank you to the staff accompanying us on the walk and helping to make the afternoon such a successful one. Thank you to Goretti Pereira, Isaac Chamoun, Ria Coffey, Roudaina Tabet, Helen Diab and Rob Fomiatti.

    - Mrs Maureen Vitetta

    Student reflection

    "On Friday, the Year 11s went to a local park for a Wellbeing excursion where we, as the Class of 2024 spent some quality time together and had pizza for lunch. It was a very relaxing time where we were able to interact with our friends and teachers. We enjoyed our time together after a stressful week of school. The students chose to play games, such as football or walk around. All had fun chatting with one another. It was a great opportunity for us to distract ourselves and relax a bit from the overwhelming stress that VCE can bring sometimes. This allows us to have a refreshed start for the next week. It was also an opportunity for us to think about the hard work of settling into VCE and a chance to come together as a year level."

    - Kreste Yaekoub Year 11

    Year 12 Great Race

    The Year 12’s had a very successful wellbeing excursion to the city to participate in the Great Race early this month. All the Year 12’s were bussed into the city and we met out Great Race team in Federation square. Students participated in the team building exercise by following a list of clues and challenges and taking video evidence of their exploits.

    Students had to complete a puzzle to gain an advantage and an early lead. Armed with maps, students had to navigate the city streets to find specific monuments and complete set tasks to get their team back to Birrarung marr between 11.30 and 12pm. This is where the real test began, another set of challenges and the adding up of scores to crown the eventual winners.

    Congratulations to the successful team comprised of Adrian Azzi, William Nawfal, Andre Fatoul, Louis Bagdhan, Ameer Alkichani and Rand Farrouh. A big congratulations to all the students who represented the school and interacted with the public so positively during the race.

    A special thank you to Tania Aoun and Peter Commisso who accompanied us on the adventure.

    - Mrs Maureen Vitetta

    Student response

    The great race was by far the best activity we did this year. For the first time since COVID, the Year 12s as got the chance to travel to the city as a whole year level. When we arrived, we were welcomed by the masters of fun team, divided into 8 groups, and given the instructions.

    For the whole duration of the race, we were expected to run around from place to place in the city, jump on trams, take pictures, complete tasks, interact with strangers, sabotage the other teams, and most importantly compete with other teams to finish the biggest number of tasks in the shortest amount of time, all while enjoying the day, and discovering new corners of the city…

    - Andre Fatoul Year 12

    Upcoming webinar for parents – How to Help Improve Your Child's Memory

    Dear Parents,

    RE: Upcoming webinar for parents – How to Help Improve Your Child's Memory

    We’re excited to announce that Elevate Education's next free webinar will be taking place on Wednesday 29th March, focusing on Memory.

    Elevate Education works with our students, delivering high impact workshops on study skills, motivation, wellbeing, and exam preparation. By tuning into their webinar series you will learn how you can help better support your children at home through reinforcing the skills they learn at school:  

    Wednesday 29th March @ 6:30pm (AEDT)

    How to Help Improve Your Child's Memory

    Click here to register for free

    Here’s what we’ll be covering on the night: 

    ✅ How memory actually works (and how it has nothing to do with brain capacity)

    ✅ The most effective environments to assist in memorisation

    ✅ 3 techniques you can implement overnight to improve revision

    Upcoming Dates:

    30 March: Parent Teacher Interviews (No classes)

    3-5 April: Year 7 Camp

    6 April: St Joseph Campus House Athletics Carnival

    6 April: Last Day of Term One

    7 April: Good Friday

    Bunnings Warehouse Event

    We are called to care for CREATION - 2023 College Theme

    Antonine College Reception

    P: (03) 9354 1377


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    130 Harding Street, Coburg VIC 3058
    Saint Joseph Campus (Year - Year 12)
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