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St Joseph Campus Project Compassion Fundraising

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Student reflection:

On Wednesday the 15th of March during Break 1 and 2, with the help of Student Leaders, Faith Club and staff, we were able to host a bake sale. This has been on ongoing initiative we have wanted to run for many years but due to COVID we have been unable to do so. Students and staff baked sweets to raise much needed funds for Project Compassion. There were all types of sweets, such as honey joys, jelly, cupcakes, Hedgehog, Tim Tam slice, Pannacotta and many more. As soon as the bell went students gathered and were more than happy to contribute to donations and purchase some delicious sweets. Overall, the outcome was amazing with roughly $800 being raised. We thank all students and staff who cooked for this initiative as well as all remaining student and staff members who purchased to support us. It is truly appreciated.

- Eva Harika

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