25 May Newsletter 2023

Principal's Message

Feast of Pentecost – Sunday 28 May

At Pentecost, the Lord sends the Holy Spirit, and the disciples become children of God and brothers to each other. The holy and life giving Spirit is poured out upon the disciples and they are given life. The spirit of fear is replaced with the Spirit of truth and adoption (we are not left as orphans). The disciples were born of fire and Spirit, filled with fire and Spirit, and begin to set the world ablaze. Fire, like the fire of zeal, quickly spreads. The fire that lit and the fire that caught are indistinguishable, the Apostles on fire give to their listeners the same fire, and so it is that in regards to Pentecost, Christians are equal to the Apostles.

Acts 2:1-4
When the time for Pentecost was fulfilled, they were all in one place together. And suddenly there came from the sky a noise like a strong driving wind, and it filled the entire house in which they were. Then there appeared to them tongues as of fire, which parted and came to rest on each one of them. And they were all filled with the holy Spirit and began to speak in different tongues, as the Spirit enabled them to proclaim.

Paradoxically, this fire is spread through water. It is baptism that ignites the fire of adoption and truth in the new Christian and this fire is the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2:37-42) The Apostles on the morning of Pentecost, preach, convict, and baptize.

At our baptism, we receive fire and Spirit to lead, protect, and make us acceptable for offering. The time of our baptism, no matter the day, year, month, or liturgical season is always Pentecost because we are adopted, born anew of fire and spirit. So, if we too receive the Spirit of adoption and truth and the spirit of fear is taken away, then we too, on fire with the Holy Spirit, can light the world on fire. However, this does not mean that we will not be afraid, but that we will have no reason for fear, because we have access to, “happiness of life, confidence, and victory (Rite of Kneeling, Saint Maron Publications 1994).

- Ms Joanne Bacash

Faith Development

Year 6 CatholicCare Incursion

CatholicCare is a Victorian organization committed to helping everyone in need across our community, regardless of religion, age, gender, ethnicity, or disability. During one of our Year 6 Religious Education lessons, two representatives from CatholicCare came to discuss the importance of Family Week and human dignity. Students participated in discussions and collaborative activities throughout the session.

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- Ms Tanya Khattar

Cedar Campus Assembly and Laudato Si Week

To begin our assembly today, students in F-6 came together in reverence to pray for our common home. Laudato Si is about how we are called to care for all creation. Pope Francis challenges us all to live a more sustainable life and here at Antonine we are working together towards that. After the prayer service, teachers and students were able to share their work and achievements accomplished over the past fortnight.

This week at Antonine we celebrated Laudato Si Week. Laudato Si is an encyclical letter written by Pope Francis explaining to everyone that we need to care for the earth as it is our only home. Throughout the week, students participated in different activities to promote a more sustainable life.

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- Ms Tanya Khattar

Family Week

This year’s Family Week theme is ‘Circle of Inclusion’. At Antonine College, our families play an important role in our lives. In the following video, we asked students from Foundation to Year 12 what their family means to them. What does family mean to you?

We pray for all families in our College community and around the world.

- Ms Natalie Saliba and Ms Tanya Khattar

Year 8, 10 and 12 Masses

Over the last few weeks, Year 12, Year 10, and Year 8 students have participated in mass with their cohort, reflecting on the meaning and joy of the Resurrection of Jesus. Thank you to our College Chaplain, Monsignor Joe, who always makes time to celebrate weekly masses with our students.

A special thank you to Sister Rita and Ms Indira Natoli for beginning a choir at St Joseph’s Campus. Students in the choir will have an opportunity to sing at the masses throughout the term.

- Ms Natalie Saliba

Mother’s Day Dinner

Our P&F for worked so hard in organising the Antonine Sisters Annual Mother’s Day Dinner Fundraiser held on Friday 12th May at Sherwood Receptions in Greenvale. This was a sold out event with our mothers and friends enjoying the night.

Thank you to Fehme Barakat and band for donating his time and entertaining us along with Melody and Cristiano for donating their time to be our drummers

    We also thank the Merhi family, owners of Sherwood Reception for the hospitality throughout the night.

    Our Mother’s Day Dinner would not have been a success without the P&F involvement along with the following companies who generously supported our event:

    • Pretty Pieces
    • The Realest Estate
    • Town Meatery
    • Lonsdale Larder
    • Worldmark Travel
    • Lollipops Bundoora
    • 2 Fat Greeks
    • Jimie Hair and Beauty
    • Melbourne Laser & Skin Clinic
    • Riviera Docklands
    • Al Mina Docklands
    • Fayda Taouk
    • Antonine Sisters and Staff for being with us
    • All our Mother’s for all their dedication, love and support

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    - Mrs Vivien Barbar

    Learning and Wellbeing


    Antonine is working towards whole College eSmart accreditation. Please consider accessing the following webinars and resources to support safe online experiences at home:

    - Ms Ria Coffey

    STEM Extension – Years 3-6

    It’s been a busy couple of months for the students involved in Year 3-6 STEM Extension (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Back in March, the students completed a one-hour online mathematics competition called Kangourou Sans Frontières through the Australian Maths Trust. The results and certificates have now come back, and we are very proud of all 25 students who participated, but especially of the four students who were awarded a “credit” certificate for achieving in the top 50% of students in their division: Laith Abouasali (3A), Marcus Kyriakous (3A), Gabby Makalintal (4B) and Taim Al Samara (4B).

    Following the competition, the STEM Extension students began learning how to program micro:bits. Micro:bits are tiny pocket-sized computers/robots that introduce students to the basics of programming… and they’re a lot of fun! Students have completed online modules to learn how to program the micro:bits’ LED light display, buttons, sensors and sounds, and have now achieved a “micro:bit Level 1” certificate through Sammat Education Academy. Later this term they will begin learning how to add various sensors and outputs to the micro:bits and begin working towards a design project (more on this later in the year).

    Currently, all STEM Extension students are participating in another competition through the Australian Maths Trust: the 2023 Maths Challenge. They are working cooperatively in groups of two or three to find solutions to four problem-solving challenges. They have four sessions to complete as much of the Maths Challenge as they can. It has been brilliant listening to the groups discuss and play with solutions, and we look forward to congratulating them on their achievement once their results are back.

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    - Ms Mori Milholland


    It was a good coincidence to study about family in Arabic during the Family Week on week 4. In Year 1 students have been learning about the members of their family, and they did an activity about the hand.

    Mother’s Day this year was special, with all the mothers of students from Foundation to Year 3 attended the breakfast and afterwards the assembly.

    The students showcased their talents in singing (English and Arabic songs) and performing on percussion instruments. Year 1’s sang the Arabic song عيدك يا ماما , and Year 3A sang and played the percussion instruments for the song (Raindrops) .

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    - Mr Joseph Abou-Zeid

    Foundation’s church visit and Praying the Rosary

    On Tuesday 16 May, the Foundation students spent their morning at Our Lady of Lebanon Church. To honour Mary during the month of May the Foundation students made rosary beads and engaged in praying the rosary at church. Students explored the beautiful pictures of Mary the mother of Jesus and the stained-glass windows. To end the amazing morning the students walked around the church singing Ave Maria with Sister Veronique.

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    - Ms Rita Chalhoub, Mrs Barbara Siddiqui and Ms Vicki Tsarouhas

    Year 2 Sustainability Gardening

    In Year 2 we are learning about sustainability. Having a garden is an important way we can all be sustainable. We have been busy planting flowers, broad beans, broccoli and lettuce. We cannot wait to see our garden grow!

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    - Mrs Maria Amaru

    Year 2C Procedural writing

    This term in Year 2 we are focusing on procedural writing and guiding students to write clear and specific instructions. Students completed a procedural writing piece for “How to Make Fairy Bread” Writing down the steps for a simple recipe helps students gain a better understanding of procedural writing. After they completed the recipe, we went into our new school kitchen and made the fairy bread. 🧚🏻‍♀️ 🍞😍 What a fun day!

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    - Ms Kassie Mourtzios

    Year 3 Excursion

    On the 17th May the grade three students headed into the city for an underwater adventure to the Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium. Students were led on a guided tour where they learnt all about the different sea creatures, their diets, life cycle and adaptations. Students were able to write down notes about their chosen sea animal to use for their writing and inquiry lessons back at school. Students saw a variety of animals including jelly fish, Clown fish, Sea Horses and Sea Dragons, Port Jackson sharks and a 6.5 meter salt water croc who was 65years old!

    “I like watching the penguins” Natalie 3B

    “I thought the crocodile was cool and I learnt that it’s 65yrs old” John 3B

    “I really liked that we got to go out of school and I learnt all about the different sea creatures” Maria 3B

    “I learnt that the male Sea Horses carry the babies and that they have pouches that they grown them in.” Reema 3B

    “I enjoyed seeing the penguins eating their lunch, they swim really fast” Christelle 3A

    “I learnt lots of interesting facts about the penguins like they could swim and catch squids” Kerls 3A

    “I found it interesting that jelly fish can krill and shrimps” Marita 3A

    “My favourite part was seeing the Leopard shark swim around the big tank, it looked really cool” Ali 3A

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    - Ms Joelle Zakharia, Ms Danielle Velona and Mrs Miriam Ayoub

    Year 5 Camp – Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

    As part of the Year 5’s Inquiry Topic on Early Settlers, the students travelled to Ballarat to visit Sovereign Hill, the site of Victoria’s iconic gold rush and the birthplace of Australian democracy.

    For most students this was their first camp and for some, their first night away from home. Understandably this was an exciting prospect for everyone! The bus trip, exploring, eating dinner together and sleeping in a cabin with friends was for some the best part of the trip. Georges from 5A said he felt like the luckiest person alive while exploring the grounds of Sovereign Hill.

    On arrival students began exploring the town immediately. The site is set up like an old country own from the late 1800’s and it felt authentic with men, women and children dressed in clothes from that period. Among some of the highlights for students was exploring the underground Red Hill gold mine, buying sweets and souvenirs from the shops and of course gold panning where everyone caught gold fever. Shouts of EUREKA were heard from many students as they found small specks of gold to take home.

    That night we witnessed under the bright skies AURA. The show immerses you in the story of gold in a 90-minute-high impact graphic presentation which explores the creation, impact and discovery of the precious metal – GOLD then and now. After some more exploration the next day, it was time to head home. Although it was only one night, it gave students a valuable insight into what might be in store for them at next year’s Year 6 Camp.

    A big thankyou must out to the teachers involved, Mr Nick, Mr Diab, Sr Veronique, Ms Janine, Ms Tania, Ms Nelly and Ms Hine.

    Click here for photos

    - Mr Nick Triantafillopoulos and Ms Tania Jarrouje

    Year 6 Food Technology

    In Year 6 this term, our Inquiry topic is centered around Food Technology. With this, students have so far explored how nutrition impacts our health, how to read food labels and how to be sustainable with food. As a part of the unit, we have been able to utilize our new Kitchen space at Cedar. Students are learning safe cooking and hygiene practices as well as some new skills that they can put to practice in the kitchen at home!

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    - Ms Tanya Khattar

    Year 6 Inter-School Sports

    Exciting Results from the Inter-School Sport Competition!

    It has been an action-packed couple of weeks, filled with fierce competition and impressive displays of athleticism at Year 6’s inter-school sport competition. Our talented students showcased their skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship, leaving us with unforgettable moments to cherish. Let's take a closer look at the results of the various sporting events:

    Girls Soccer: Our girls' soccer team has been on fire, winning two closely contested matches. Their dedication, teamwork, and excellent strategy have paid off, and they emerged victorious in both games. The girls displayed exceptional skill on the field and their perseverance was truly commendable. Congratulations to our girls' soccer team for their impressive achievements!

    Boys Soccer: Although the boys' soccer team faced some tough challenges, they demonstrated great resilience and fought hard in two closely fought matches. Despite the outcomes not being in their favour, the boys displayed commendable sportsmanship and never gave up until the final whistle. We applaud their efforts and look forward to their future successes.

    Girls Netball: Our girls' netball team showcased their exceptional talent and determination, winning one match and narrowly missing out on victory in another. The girls displayed remarkable agility, coordination, and teamwork, which played a significant role in their success. Congratulations to our girls' netball team for their outstanding performance!

    Mixed Netball: The mixed netball team faced some tough competition and unfortunately experienced two losses. However, their unwavering spirit and dedication to the game were truly inspiring. We admire their resilience and look forward to their future accomplishments as they continue to grow and improve.

    Football Team: The football team faced some challenging opponents in their two recent matches and unfortunately suffered defeat by a significant margin. Despite the outcomes, the team showed great determination, sportsmanship, and a never-give-up attitude. We encourage them to stay positive, learn from their experiences, and continue working hard to achieve better results in the future.

    Overall, the inter-school sport competition has so far been a thrilling event that showcased the incredible talent and competitive spirit of our students. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the teams for their hard work, dedication, and impressive performances.

    Each and every participant should be proud of their achievements and the positive representation they provided for our school. We commend them for their excellent sportsmanship and look forward to even greater successes in the remaining games!

    Go Antonine!

    Click here for photos

    - Mr Hayden Wyllie

    SSV Coburg District Cross Country Championships

    On May 17th, 2023, some Cedar Campus students participated in the SSV Coburg District Cross Country Championships against other local schools. The event took place on a cool morning with clear skies and plenty of sunshine, making for perfect running conditions.

    Our students in Years 4, 5, and 6 competed in their respective races, and while we didn't have any competitors place in any of the races, we are incredibly proud of all of our runners. Every student who ran did so with determination and heart, representing our school with pride.

    The SSV Coburg District Cross Country Championships is an important event in the school calendar, providing an opportunity for our students to showcase their athleticism and sportsmanship. It is always a great opportunity to come together with other local schools and build connections within the community.

    We want to extend our congratulations to all the schools who participated, and a special thank you to the organizers for putting on a successful event. We look forward to next year's championships and the opportunity to once again represent Antonine College.

    Click here for photos

    - Mr Hayden Wyllie

    Year 7 - 9 Learning Leader

    The Year 7 – 9 teachers and students have been working hard on a variety of learning activities, whether its writing a play to perform in Performing Arts, learning how to write a TEEL paragraph in English or Religion, completing an experiment in Science or having a class discussion about an important topic being studied in class, the learning is evident.

    Click here for photos

    - Mrs Stephanie Monds

    Year 7 - 10 Exams

    The Year 7 – 10 Semester One Exams are fast approaching. Students have worked hard this semester and exams are just one way of demonstrating their understanding and applying their knowledge. Please look through the exam timetable with your child so that you are both aware of when exams are taking place. All exams are 50 minutes in duration, with students having 5 minutes of reading time at the beginning of the exam.

    In the lead up to exams you can assist your child studying for exams, this may include ensuring they have a quiet place to study, a supply of healthy snacks, ensuring adequate sleep in the lead up to exams, as well quizzing them on topics, helping them prepare study cards and letting them explain concepts to you.

    In the lead up to exams Pastoral Care teachers will work through some study techniques in class. Class teachers will provide students with checklist and revision tasks in the lead up to exams.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

    Click here to view Exam timetable

    - Mrs Stephanie Monds

    Year 11 Art Excursion

    Students took the tram into the city and went to the Ian Potter Centre to see the Australian Art Exhibition in preparation for their SAC which requires them to design their own exhibition for 3 Australian Artists, including 1 Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Artist that they have viewed.

    Students also had the opportunity to see the Top Arts 2023 exhibit and were very inspired by the quality of work from last years Year 12 graduates across the state.

    - Ms Natalie Pelech

    Year 12 Art Excursion - National Gallery of Victoria

    The Year 12’s visited the National Gallery of Victoria to take note of the set up of exhibitions to prepare for their SAC which requires them to design an exhibition of their own. Students went while some spaces were being set up and were able to see the process of setting up as well. The day promised rain but held off for us long enough to walk to and from the tram. I think the students agree, it was a great day out!

    - Ms Natalie Pelech

    General Achievement Test (GAT)

    The General Achievement Test (GAT) will take place on Thursday 15 June. All VCE students enrolled in one or more VCE or VCE/VM VET Unit 3 and 4 Study in 2023, must sit the GAT. The GAT will take place in rooms 10-12 at Antonine College - St Joseph Campus.

    The GAT will be delivered in two compulsory sections:

    Section A will assess literacy and numeracy commencing at 9:00am – 11:00am

    11:15am–1:15pm Break (Students remain on Campus during the break)

    Section B will assess General Knowledge in mathematics, science, technology, the arts and humanities commencing at 1:15pm – 3:00pm

    Students completing the GAT are expected to be in full school or PE uniform.

    VCE students completing the GAT attended an information session on 23 May 2023 outlining the VCAA rules for the conduct of the GAT and general information on the GAT. Students were provided with a paper copy of their Examination Slip which provides the details of the GAT time, date and venue.

    Questions asked in the GAT are based on general knowledge and skills that students have already learnt throughout their study. We encourage students to review the sample questions for Section A of the GAT and past GAT papers to help students prepare for Section B of the GAT on the VCAA website. Go to

    No VCE classes will run on the day of the GAT exam, so if your child is in Year 11 and not completing a Unit 3/Unit 4 subject, they are not required to sit the GAT and will have a Study Day at home.

    Parents and students who would like to know more about the GAT and how it is used are advised to refer to the following link:

    Please contact Fran Cometti if you require any further detail on the GAT.

    - Ms Fran Cometti

    Young women in Trades and Technology Expo

    A group of Year 9 and 10 students eagerly travelled by tram to the Young women in Trades and Technology Expo at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Thursday 11 May.

    Students were open minded and venture into the Expo to discover a wide range of career opportunities that exist for young women in Australia. Students visited stall holders from leading trainers such as RMIT, VU, Kangan and Melbourne Polytechnic. Students listened to the experience of young women working for employer groups including Suburban Rail Loop Authority, Woolworths, Bild Group, Ford, Mindflight7 and many others. Students also tried their hand at Virtual reality, Welding (using computers), Bricklaying and much more.

    We look to inviting some of the presenters to run workshops for our students at school so that more can see the potential work and career possibilities.

    Click here for photos

    - Ms Josie Rovetto

    Careers at Antonine College

    For Career Development a students had the opportunity over the last couple of weeks to engage in a number of activities.

    A representative from VU met with our Year 11 and 12 to discuss the many courses of interest and the unique Block Model of learning at the university. It is producing an increasing number of successful and satisfied graduates. Students study a subject every 4 weeks completing ongoing assessments and learning the skills of management and organisation for better learning. Students in Year 11 and 12 also realised they are eligible for the VU Guarantee which ensures each candidate will be individually contacted to discuss relevant pathways. Many Antonine students in 2022 received similar guarantees and the chance of scholarships, relieving them of the uncertainty of where to study and helping them to find a suitable course of study.

    We visited the annual VCE and Career Expo at the Melbourne Showgrounds with the Year 11 on Friday 19 May. All students prepared in class by reading the list of stall holders from university, TAFE, employer groups and others. Students prepared questions about courses and job prospects. They were able to work their way independently around the expo meeting people to discuss their interests and plans. Students are also aware and planning to attend Open Days for Universities and TAFE scheduled for mid year. It is important that students make time to get the information before making pathway decisions.

    All Year 10 returned their Work Experience forms and are engaged work experience this week. Teachers are in the process of visiting students. It was encouraging to have received a call from an employer this week impressed with our students’ professionalism. Students prepared for work experience completing class activities on occupational health and safety, employer and employer expectations, so its great to see that Antonine students are so well regarded.

    Year 7 to 9 in READ classes and library activities have been introduced to Future You. It aims to inspire an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) careers. Future You aims to show children the many opportunities awaiting them through STEM and other vital skills. Students access online films, short stories, posters, downloadable activities and competitions. Future You provides inspirational role models for children, whilst offering practical advice on what they can do now to start their journey. Please refer to the College library website or direct link:

    Click here for photos

    - Ms Josie Rovetto

    2023 SACCSS Cross Country Tournament

    2023 SACCSS Cross Country Tournament. Well done to all the students who participated. Competing against all the other Catholic Colleges running 3 and 4 kilometers.

    - Mr Emile Fakhry

    Premier League Champions

    Congratulations to the Year 10 Premier League students on winning 3 sporting competitions across the SACCSS Tournament. Well done to the boys and girls soccer team and the boys basketball team. A well deserve victory demonstrating hard work and excellent teamwork. A big thank you to all the coaches taking on Premier League roles throughout the seasons.

    Click here for photos

    - Mr Emile Fakhry

    Year 9 Futsal Tournament

    On Monday 22nd of May a handful of year 9 students had the opportunity to partake in a one day round robin tournament against other Catholic schools. Both our boys and girls teams put forward their best efforts, displayed outstanding sportsmanship and represent the college well. I congratulate the following students on their participation:

    Year 9 Boys:

    1. Nicholas Toma
    2. Ali El Saleh
    3. Wissam Alsamara
    4. Jemi Aldoski
    5. Seraj Slim

    Year 9 Girls:

    1. Chantal Issa
    2. Jenevieve Tannous
    3. Nisreen Saleh
    4. Bianca Yosif
    5. Larisa Kyriakous
    6. Ianna Farah

    - Miss Isabella Athaide

    Upcoming Dates:

    6-8 June: Year 7-10 Semester One Exams

    9 June: Pupil Free Day - No Classes (Staff Professional Learning)

    12 June: King's Birthday Public Holiday

    We are called to care for CREATION - 2023 College Theme

    Antonine College Reception

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