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STEM Extension – Years 3-6

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

It’s been a busy couple of months for the students involved in Year 3-6 STEM Extension (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Back in March, the students completed a one-hour online mathematics competition called Kangourou Sans Frontières through the Australian Maths Trust. The results and certificates have now come back, and we are very proud of all 25 students who participated, but especially of the four students who were awarded a “credit” certificate for achieving in the top 50% of students in their division: Laith Abouasali (3A), Marcus Kyriakous (3A), Gabby Makalintal (4B) and Taim Al Samara (4B).

Following the competition, the STEM Extension students began learning how to program micro:bits. Micro:bits are tiny pocket-sized computers/robots that introduce students to the basics of programming… and they’re a lot of fun! Students have completed online modules to learn how to program the micro:bits’ LED light display, buttons, sensors and sounds, and have now achieved a “micro:bit Level 1” certificate through Sammat Education Academy. Later this term they will begin learning how to add various sensors and outputs to the micro:bits and begin working towards a design project (more on this later in the year).

Currently, all STEM Extension students are participating in another competition through the Australian Maths Trust: the 2023 Maths Challenge. They are working cooperatively in groups of two or three to find solutions to four problem-solving challenges. They have four sessions to complete as much of the Maths Challenge as they can. It has been brilliant listening to the groups discuss and play with solutions, and we look forward to congratulating them on their achievement once their results are back.

- Ms Mori Milholland

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