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Year 3 Excursion

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

On the 17th May the grade three students headed into the city for an underwater adventure to the Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium. Students were led on a guided tour where they learnt all about the different sea creatures, their diets, life cycle and adaptations. Students were able to write down notes about their chosen sea animal to use for their writing and inquiry lessons back at school. Students saw a variety of animals including jelly fish, Clown fish, Sea Horses and Sea Dragons, Port Jackson sharks and a 6.5 meter salt water croc who was 65years old!

“I like watching the penguins” Natalie 3B

“I thought the crocodile was cool and I learnt that it’s 65yrs old” John 3B

“I really liked that we got to go out of school and I learnt all about the different sea creatures” Maria 3B

“I learnt that the male Sea Horses carry the babies and that they have pouches that they grown them in.” Reema 3B

“I enjoyed seeing the penguins eating their lunch, they swim really fast” Christelle 3A

“I learnt lots of interesting facts about the penguins like they could swim and catch squids” Kerls 3A

“I found it interesting that jelly fish can krill and shrimps” Marita 3A

“My favourite part was seeing the Leopard shark swim around the big tank, it looked really cool” Ali 3A

- Ms Joelle Zakharia, Ms Danielle Velona and Mrs Miriam Ayoub

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