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Year 5 Camp - Sovereign Hill

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

As part of the Year 5’s Inquiry Topic on Early Settlers, the students travelled to Ballarat to visit Sovereign Hill, the site of Victoria’s iconic gold rush and the birthplace of Australian democracy.

For most students this was their first camp and for some, their first night away from home. Understandably this was an exciting prospect for everyone! The bus trip, exploring, eating dinner together and sleeping in a cabin with friends was for some the best part of the trip. Georges from 5A said he felt like the luckiest person alive while exploring the grounds of Sovereign Hill.

On arrival students began exploring the town immediately. The site is set up like an old country own from the late 1800’s and it felt authentic with men, women and children dressed in clothes from that period. Among some of the highlights for students was exploring the underground Red Hill gold mine, buying sweets and souvenirs from the shops and of course gold panning where everyone caught gold fever. Shouts of EUREKA were heard from many students as they found small specks of gold to take home.

That night we witnessed under the bright skies AURA. The show immerses you in the story of gold in a 90-minute-high impact graphic presentation which explores the creation, impact and discovery of the precious metal – GOLD then and now. After some more exploration the next day, it was time to head home. Although it was only one night, it gave students a valuable insight into what might be in store for them at next year’s Year 6 Camp.

A big thankyou must out to the teachers involved, Mr Nick, Mr Diab Ms Janine, Ms Tania, Ms Nelly and Ms Hine.

- Mr Nick Triantafillopoulos and Ms Tania Jarrouje

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