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Year 6 Inter-School Sport Competition

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Exciting Results from the Inter-School Sport Competition!

It has been an action-packed couple of weeks, filled with fierce competition and impressive displays of athleticism at Year 6’s inter-school sport competition. Our talented students showcased their skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship, leaving us with unforgettable moments to cherish. Let's take a closer look at the results of the various sporting events:

Girls Soccer: Our girls' soccer team has been on fire, winning two closely contested matches. Their dedication, teamwork, and excellent strategy have paid off, and they emerged victorious in both games. The girls displayed exceptional skill on the field and their perseverance was truly commendable. Congratulations to our girls' soccer team for their impressive achievements!

Boys Soccer: Although the boys' soccer team faced some tough challenges, they demonstrated great resilience and fought hard in two closely fought matches. Despite the outcomes not being in their favour, the boys displayed commendable sportsmanship and never gave up until the final whistle. We applaud their efforts and look forward to their future successes.

Girls Netball: Our girls' netball team showcased their exceptional talent and determination, winning one match and narrowly missing out on victory in another. The girls displayed remarkable agility, coordination, and teamwork, which played a significant role in their success. Congratulations to our girls' netball team for their outstanding performance!

Mixed Netball: The mixed netball team faced some tough competition and unfortunately experienced two losses. However, their unwavering spirit and dedication to the game were truly inspiring. We admire their resilience and look forward to their future accomplishments as they continue to grow and improve.

Football Team: The football team faced some challenging opponents in their two recent matches and unfortunately suffered defeat by a significant margin. Despite the outcomes, the team showed great determination, sportsmanship, and a never-give-up attitude. We encourage them to stay positive, learn from their experiences, and continue working hard to achieve better results in the future.

Overall, the inter-school sport competition has so far been a thrilling event that showcased the incredible talent and competitive spirit of our students. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the teams for their hard work, dedication, and impressive performances.

Each and every participant should be proud of their achievements and the positive representation they provided for our school. We commend them for their excellent sportsmanship and look forward to even greater successes in the remaining games!

Go Antonine!

- Mr Hayden Wyllie

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