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First Holy Communion Commitment Mass

Sunday, May 29, 2022

First Holy Communion Commitment Mass on Sunday 29 May 2022

It was great to see many of our First Holy Communion candidates presented to the Maronite Parish Community at the 9.30am Commitment Mass last Sunday at Our Lady of Lebanon Church, Thornbury. Monsignor Joe Takchi welcomed and blessed the children undertaking their First Communion journey.

The word communion means to be united with as Catholics we believe that in Holy Communion we are united in a special way with Jesus Christ. First Holy Communion is a special occasion, a further step in becoming one with Christ and united with the people of God.

We ask you all to keep these children in your prayers as they prepare to receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist on Saturday 3rd September, 2022.

Eucharist Q&A with Pope Benedict XVI

Ahead of the end of the Year of Eucharist in October 2005, Pope Benedict XVI invited children receiving their first communion to St Peter's Square. Alessandro was one of the children seated closest to the Pope who asked him questions about the Eucharist.

Alessandro: "What good does it do for our everyday life to go to holy Mass and receive Communion?"

Benedict XVI: It centres life. We live amid so many things. And the people who do not go to church, do not know that it is precisely Jesus they lack. But they feel that something is missing in their lives. If God is absent from my life, if Jesus is absent from my life, a guide, an essential friend is missing, even an important joy for life, the strength to grow as a man, to overcome my vices and mature as a human being.

Therefore, we cannot immediately see the effects of being with Jesus and of going to Communion. But with the passing of the weeks and years, we feel more and more keenly the absence of God, the absence of Jesus. It is a fundamental and destructive incompleteness. I could easily speak of countries where atheism has prevailed for years: how souls are destroyed, but also the earth. In this way we can see that it is important, and I would say fundamental, to be nourished by Jesus in Communion. It is he who gives us enlightenment, offers us guidance for our lives, a guidance that we need.

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