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Year 10 Formal

Friday, August 05, 2022

Ballroom Extravaganza Speech

Today has been months in the making.

With mostly fun but a bit of aching

Waverly Parade, to Bell to Vogue

What the outcome would be we didn’t know

But here we are today looking classy and dashing

Yet we all know it’s not about the fashion

It’s about reaching out and connecting

It’s about respectful relationships and accepting

The weeks rolled by, and the dance moves improved

Even though at times there was little room to move

Mrs M held the reigns, and she kept us honest

When we were uncertain, she would patiently show us

That we can Rock and Roll and Salsa

She helped us find our inner dancer

So, to use a famous metaphor

It’s time for us to tear up the dance floor

Make sure you keep time and don’t lose the beat

No matter what happens keep moving those feet

Our judges are watching, they want to be impressed

The time has come to show them our best

But before we begin, we would like to thank Ms Bacash

For saying yes and supporting our dance

As a matter of a fact, we’ve heard along the grapevine

That you dance the Salsa, and it looks divine

Thanks to Mrs Diab, Ms Guarino, Ms Coffey and Ms Panozzo

There must have been times you thought ‘I don’t know!’

Thanks also to Mr Kirkman and Mr Jye

Judges, today these Year 10 students are going to shine

Now it’s time to line up, professional like with a grin

Year 10 2022, may the Dance Extravaganza begin!!!!

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