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Year 11 Retreat

Friday, June 17, 2022

The Year 11 Retreat was held on the 17th of June and led by the Youth Mission Team. The retreat focused on the importance of integrity in leadership. Students engaged in activities and discussion where they had to distinguish between power-driven leadership and servant-oriented leadership. They reflected on the leadership qualities of Jesus and how they could implement these qualities in their life. Thank you to all Year 11 students who were respectful throughout all sessions and participated in all activities.

“Students in Year 11 attended a retreat on June 17th, during which the Youth Mission Team (YMT) completed wonderful activities and shared inspiring messages with the students based on our year level theme of leadership. As a result, we were able to take part in a variety of fun activities, including games, performances, and answering various questions in small groups. We were able to enjoy a relaxing day with the team, while also learning some great lessons, such as how to be yourself, through a performance. We also reflected on Jesus as someone who will never leave us, through a video and a beautiful performance that was my favourite. At the end of this special day, the YMT team organised a praying space for students and teachers to pray independently and write their names on the cross. The YMT retreat was a lot of fun because it got us to reflect on who we are, who we can be, and who God is in our lives.”

- Amani Alkichani 11B

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