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Year 5 Camp

Friday, May 27, 2022

As part of the Year 5’s Inquiry Unit on “Colonial Settlement”, students travelled to what is known as one of the richest goldfields on earth – Sovereign Hill, Ballarat. It is there, where the site of Victoria’s iconic gold rush and the birthplace of Australian democracy took place.

For most of the students this was their first camp and for some, their first night away from home. Understandably this was an exciting prospect for everyone!

The bus trip, exploring, eating dinner together and sleeping in a cabin with friends was for some the best part of the trip. Many felt the luckiest people alive as they waited for the bus and when on board they couldn’t stop laughing and joking with all their friends.

On arrival at Sovereign Hill students began exploring the town immediately. It was set up like an old town from the late 1800’s and felt authentic with men, women and children dressed in clothes from the same period.

Among some of the highlights for students was exploring the underground Red Hill gold mine, gold pouring demonstration, buying sweets and souvenirs from the shops and of course gold panning where everyone caught gold fever. Shouts of EUREKA were heard from many students as they found small specks of gold to take home.

After a delicious dinner together, students watched Sovereign Hill’s spectacular sound and light show, AURA. They found it an exciting educational adventure show.

As they watched, students saw the events leading up to the Eureka stockade unfold. Smoke, lights, fire and action helped set the scene for the final showdown between government soldiers and the diggers. The show was amazing and really aided the children in the understanding of their unit on “Colonial Settlement”.

After some more exploration of Sovereign Hill, the following day, it was time to head home.

Although it was only one night, it provided students with a valuable insight into what might be in store for them at next year’s Grade 6 camp.

A big thankyou goes out to the teachers involved, Mr Nick, Ms Irons, Ms Mori, Sr Veronique and Mr Diab.

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