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Year 6 Camp

Tuesday, November 08, 2022

On the 2nd of November, the Year 6’s went to Phillip Island to experience camp at “CYC - The Island”. We had a blast there! On the first day of arrival, we drove to a park near Phillip Island to enjoy some delicious snacks that we had packed for the first day. We drove some more until we stopped at Nobbies, which included a beautiful lookout over the beautiful beach, however, it was very cold!

After some more driving, we had finally reached our camp! We settled into our cabins, and were instructed on what to do around the camp and what not to do! After settling in, we headed down to the beach and swam with the calm waves, guarded by two lifeguards. Concluding our swim, we arrived at the Cabins, showered, and had a delicious dinner consisting of chicken schnitzels and hot fries! We ventured back into the cold to watch the penguin parade. After that we returned back to the cabins, got ready for bed and lights were out by 10:00 pm.

- Maria Khabbazeh 6A

On the second day of camp we woke up as the beginning of a fun day began. First we ate breakfast which was toast or cereal and then went on a beach walk which was over an hour but everyone enjoyed the big waves. We found many crabs and Mr Blanco led the way as he showed us some beautiful caves. When we arrived back at CYC we participated in many activities such as archery, flying fox, pedal racers, mechanical wall and the circatron with many hilarious reactions. Later that evening we had some delicious pasta and garlic bread and delightful cheesecake. That night we all sat around the bonfire roasted marshmallows and told scary stories. After a long day we had supper and went to bed ready for a long drive back home.

- Sienna Semaan 6B

On the third day at Phillip Island the Year 6 students woke up bright and early ready to explore for the final day at camp. After a great last breakfast we cleaned our cabins, made sure everything was packed away and had some free play time until the busses arrived. We left CYC and went to the Wildlife Park where we had an amazing experience feeding animals like emus, kangaroos, wallabies, ducks and more. When we finished up we had our last lunch altogether at the beautiful San Remo. Finally, we hopped back on to the bus for our 2 hour trip back to school making it just in time to go home. It was the best first camp experience anyone could ask for!

- Catalina Kanati 6C

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