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Antonine College

The Antonine Sisters own and administer this College as a service to the Maronite Catholic Community in Melbourne.

Antonine College is a co-educational (Foundation to Year 12) College, dedicated to providing quality education in a friendly and caring environment. The guiding philosophy is to provide for the full development of students following the principles of innovative education.

There is an emphasis on religious and moral values and academic excellence in a wholesome family atmosphere of understanding and freedom. The College provides a strong educational platform across a broad range of subjects. Awards of Excellence are celebrated each year.


Antonine College has two campuses:

  • Cedar Campus (Foundation to Year 6) is located at 130 Harding Street, East Coburg.
  • Saint Joseph Campus (Year 7 to 12) is located at 71 Grandview Avenue, Pascoe Vale South.

Both sites have been extensively renovated and extended over the years. As a result, the facilities for students, staff and parents are of high standard.

Vision Statement

Antonine College will commit to building a faith-filled learning community where:

  • every student and staff member takes ownership of and responsibility for continuous improvement and life long learning
  • students develop as autonomous, self managing, resilient and responsible learners
  • digital technologies are fostered through an agile, innovative and effective teaching and learning environment

Mission Statement

As a Maronite Catholic learning community inspired by the Antonine Sisters' charism we strive to:

  • Enhance our Education in Faith
    • Provide a comprehensive education in a secure and caring environment in which every person can grow and develop spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically. Gospel values are reflected in our daily practices. Differences are welcomed and the value of every individual as a child of God is affirmed.
  • Enhance Teaching and Learning
    • Provide a curriculum that caters for individual needs through a range of experiences suited to diverse learning styles.
    • Utilise Digital Technologies so that learning is engaging, personalised and authentic enabling students to become active and informed citizens of the 21st century.
  • Promote Student Wellbeing
    • Foster respectful relationships among students, staff and others associated with the College in a spirit of co-operation, trust and responsibility.
  • Strengthen School Community
    • Our College is committed to the continuous growth in learning outcomes for students and to develop the skills for lifelong learning. Partnership between home and College is promoted.
    • Opportunities for engagement in a deeper awareness of our cultural heritage, especially through the study of languages is provided.
  • Build Leadership
    • All individuals are considered to be leaders demonstrating relationships

College Emblem

The College emblem is derived from the emblem of the Antonine Sisters. The Tau of Saint Anthony the Great, famous for being a Father of the Desert (Egypt 250 – 355).

As a Christian symbol the cross has developed a rich significance:

  • As a biblical sign of election, salvation and confirmation.
  • As a theological sign of death, resurrection and hope.
  • As a monastic sign of contemplation and vigil.

This cross has its origins in the “key of life” or Ankh, which was the symbol of life for the ancient Pharaohs. The early Coptic Christians adopted this cross as a symbol of membership of the Christian community.

It has maintained its strong links to monastic life, but lost the oval that connected it to the ancient Egyptians.

This emblem reflects the Christian spirit and values embraced by all members of Antonine College, where we are challenged by the words of the motto: Faith, Knowledge, Virtue

"The goal of a virtuous life is to become like God."
- St. Gregory of Nyssa