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Religious Education Program

At Antonine College we are committed to nurturing and extending students’ understanding of their Catholic faith. One way this is done is through Religious Education classes. Religious Education is promoted as a specific learning area with its own integrity. At the same time it is acknowledged as a cross curricular dimension of learning where aspects of a Catholic world view most relevant to education such as Truth, Meaning, Sacramentality and Human Dignity, are brought into dialogue with other learning domains to impact the whole of school life, enhancing the Catholic identity of the school. Religious Education in our Maronite Catholic school takes seriously the mission of the Church to engage with the message of the Gospel in all its wisdom, complexity and challenge. The learning explored in the Religious Education curriculum is described in the following three dimensions:

  • Knowledge and Understanding: seeking truth
  • Reasoning and Responding: making meaning
  • Personal and Communal Engagement: becoming my story in and with our stories

The content of the Religious Education curriculum reflects the pursuit of wisdom and truth through 5 content areas.

  • Scripture and Jesus
  • Church and Community
  • God, Religion and Life
  • Prayer, Liturgy and Sacrament
  • Morality and Justice

      Throughout the year students explored their faith story through reflection, prayer and action for the good of others and their world by means of the learning content in the new revised Archdiocese of Melbourne Religious Education Framework (Draft as at January 2018) documentation which has its origins in the To Know Worship and Love student texts produced by the Catholic Education Office Melbourne.