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Wellbeing for Learning

Antonine College is dedicated to providing quality education in a positive, student centred, learning environment. The guiding philosophy is for the holistic development of students using the Wellbeing for Learning framework (eXcel, 2018) and inspired by our College Vision and Mission statement and Horizons of Hope.

Wellbeing for Learning builds on the eXcel framework developed by Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (eXcel, CEM, 2018). It promotes a drive for a holistic approach to wellbeing and learning. Antonine College recognises the need to enable students to succeed academically but also thrive as human beings and that these happen in unison. Therefore, braiding together our wellbeing and learning agenda is reflected in the development of our Teaching and Learning Policy.

Improved wellbeing increases achievement. Many children cannot achieve if they are mentally or emotionally unwell, bullied, anxious, enraged, hungry, or depressed.

Academic achievement is crucial for wellbeing. Focus and accomplishment provide a sense of purpose and direction that allays anxiety in children and adults alike.

Wellbeing is a complement to academic achievement. It helps develop well-rounded, academically successful people who are also happy and fulfilled.

Wellbeing constitutes a major achievement. This happens when young people experience learning that enables them to lead lives with meaning and purpose. (eXcel, CEM, 2018)

Antonine College aims for learners is to:
• deeply connect ‘who they are’ and ‘how they can be’ in the world to the Catholic faith
• build positive and connected relationships
• develop skills and attitudes that promote wellbeing and resilience
• embrace their own learning and appreciation of its value
• lead optimistic, graced and hope-filled lives of impact.

Antonine College offers a broad curriculum from Foundation to Year 12, an extensive and flexible elective program at Year 9 and 10 and a comprehensive range of Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) units at Years 10, 11 and 12. See St Joseph Campus Handbooks

Antonine College offers an holistic approach to education, valuing the dignity of each individual student. Accelerated studies are available for highly competent students. See Antonine High Achievers (AHA)

Learning Support staff provide, where possible, individualised programs and small group tuition to students with special needs.

A Careers Education program, which provides information and support about study choices and post-secondary school options facilitated through the College curriculum, also includes Vocational Preparation in Year 9 and Work Experience at Year 10.

Our engaging and inclusive curriculum is designed to meet the needs and interests of all students in line with the Victorian Curriculum Framework and VCE Program. It focuses on developing students’ depth of understanding of core concepts and interdisciplinary knowledge and the skills needed to be adaptive, to transfer learning to new contexts and to prepare for learning throughout life.