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Student Learning Support

At Antonine College we strive to meet the educational needs of all our students. We aim to provide students who may have additional needs or require extra assistance with the opportunity to do this in an inclusive and supportive educational environment.

We have a dedicated team of qualified and experienced Teachers and Learning Support Officers working alongside classroom teachers and students, assisting them with developing personalised programs, running targeted interventions and working one-on-one with students who require assistance.

The school takes on a collaborative approach working closely with families and specialists to best cater for the needs of each student. We have an ever growing number of resources and facilities dedicated to developing students’ literacy and numeracy skills, fine motor abilities, sensory development, oral and written language skills.

Through the Learning Support team teachers can identify students who require extra support, apply for appropriate assessments to be conducted by specialists, compose applications for funding through the NCCD (Nationally Consistent Collection of Data) Program, liaise with professional agencies, meet with Program Support Groups and plan for transitions and pathways for students.

The learning Support team run lunchtime extra-curricular activities for students to promote student engagement and provide them with opportunities to develop their social skills. Regular Games Club sessions are run throughout the week at both campuses with students from all year levels welcome to participate.

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