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As a Maronite Catholic learning community inspired by the Antonine Sisters’ charism we strive to create an environment in which students develop a personal relationship with God and one in which all students become competent lifelong learners, effective and powerful communicators, creative and critical thinkers, happy and confident self- managed individuals, and, socially and environmentally responsible citizens.

The central aim of the Religious Education program is to help our students develop a conscious, loving relationship with God, in Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit. We are committed as a Maronite Catholic learning community, based on the life of Saint Maroun to sustaining and celebrating our faith through Prayer, Liturgy, the Scriptures, Sacraments and Social Justice programs.

Religious Education, Social Justice, Liturgy, Retreats and Reflection days are formal and informal ways the College assists students to develop a personal relationship with God and to actively and collaboratively enhance our Maronite Catholic identity in the context of a contemporary world.

The spiritual formation and immersion in the Maronite Tradition and the Antonine Sisters’ charism helps to build an understanding with staff of their active engagement in the faith dimension at Antonine College.

Mission at Antonine College also supports young adult faith development initiatives and experiences aimed at enhancing Christian identity by working with the College Chaplain and other agencies such as Caritas and Catholic Mission.

Our Catholic faith is witnessed, celebrated, taught and valued. Students are encouraged to live the Gospel values by showing respect for all. They have numerous opportunities to celebrate in the Eucharist when we gather for whole College and class events such as the Opening School Mass, Ash Monday and Antonine Day. The College also maintains a close relationship with Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Parish and important school events and ceremonies are often celebrated in the nearby church. The celebration of First Holy Communion is always one of the highlights of our religious calendar each September celebrated by Father Alain Fares, our Parish Priest, supported by Monsignor Joe Takhi, our College Chaplain.