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The Office is open from 8.00am - 4.00pm, Monday to Friday, during the school term. We encourage all parents to phone our Administration Office for any general enquiries and to report any student absences.

General Enquiries

Telephone: 03 9354 1377

  • Option 1: Enrolments
  • Option 2: Accounts
  • Option 3: St Joseph Campus
  • Option 4: Cedar Campus


    Correspondence: PO BOX 197, Moreland VIC 3058


    Enrolment Officer
    Antonine College
    P.O. Box 197
    MORELAND, VIC 3058



    College Council Committee


    Joanne Bacash

    Deputy Principal (Operations, Compliance and Strategic Planning)

    Robert Fomiatti

    Deputy Principal (Cedar Campus)

    Abraham Diab

    Deputy Principal (Learning and Teaching)Ria Coffey

    Business Manager

    Chris McCulloch

    College Chaplain

    Monsignor Joseph Takchi

    Position of Leadership

    F- 6 Learning Diversity NCCD Leader

    Jessica Hine

    F-6 Learning and Teaching Leader

    Mori Milholand

    F- 6 RE Leader (Liturgies & Retreats)

    Tanya Khattar

    7-12 Student Management and Wellbeing Leader

    Helen Diab

    7-12 RE Leader (Liturgies & Retreats)

    Natalie Saliba

    Year 7 Coordinator and Learning Leader

    Indira Natoli

    Year 8 Coordinator and Learning Leader

    Stephanie Hartnup

    Year 9 Coordinator and Learning Leader

    Diane Farah

    Year 10 Coordinator and Learning Leader

    Isabella Athaide

    VCE Coordinator and Learning Leader

    Ayesha Guido

    7-12 Learning Diversity NCCD Leader

    Helen Diab

    College Mission and Staff Faith Formation

    Christina Staunton-Burke

    College Instructional Practice Leader

    Fran Cometti

    Office Manager

    Sr Veronique Karam


    7-12 Careers & VET Coordinator

    Josie Rovetto

    F-6 Sports Coordinator (including Interschool) Hayden Wyllie

    7–12 SACCSS and Sports Events Coordinator

    Christine Al Mourani

    7-12 SRC Coordinator

    Kristina Gurmesevic

    F-12 Instrumental & Music Events Coordinator

    Lee Parker