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Our Library aims to provide an exemplary level of service delivered by qualified library staff. We meet the information, educational and recreational needs of the staff and students.

Cedar Campus

The Cedar Campus library is a place where all students in Foundation to Year 6, along with College staff, can come to learn, read, research and relax. We have an excellent range of non-fiction books that provide interest reading materials for students, as well as support integrated inquiry curriculum units taught in class. Colourful picture fiction books and ‘lose-yourself-in-another-world’ novels, can be borrowed by students during their weekly scheduled library lesson.

Our library provides students with access to a range of ICT tools including multimedia computers from which the students can access digital information via the Internet, iPads for exploring e-Books and educational apps, and digital cameras for designing, creating and recording work. The school’s intranet allows students to save their work from any networked computer which can then be retrieved for class presentations or printing for publication.

Each year a number of special events celebrating literature and reading are organised by the Teacher Librarian. These include Book Fairs, National Simultaneous Storytime, The Great Book Swap and Children’s Book Week celebrations. The students at Cedar campus are very proud to be the Victorian state winners of the Read More in May challenge in 2014, 2015 and 2016. These events are eagerly awaited for by the students.

The library is also open at lunch time twice a week so the students can complete research work, access the computers, or enjoy some quiet refuge from the buzz of the playground by exploring the pleasures of the latest books to arrive in the library.

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Saint Joseph Campus

The Saint Joseph Campus library supports the school community by providing a learning environment with relevant resources and technologies that meet the curriculum and recreational needs of our school community.

The library teaching and learning programs support and are integral to the curriculum. The READ program (Reading for English Acceleration and Development) is run by the library team as part of the English curriculum. It promotes reading as an essential skill for life and fosters the development of a reading culture.

The implementation of the library information and management system software, the school catalogue, supports our needs. Access to the school catalogue through the Internet means students and staff can access information and resources from anywhere and at any time. Students and staff have access to the Britannica Online encyclopedia, online newspapers, audio books, DVDs and the video library, as well as our vibrant fiction and non-fiction collections.

Among the increasing student focused activities, there are student group research and independent study areas and access to a computer laboratory. There are comfortable furnishings and social activities, including Chess Club. The Career Information Resource Centre is also accessed from the library and is available for all students and staff.

The Saint Joseph Campus library is open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm. A Homework Club operates from the library each Tuesday after school from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.

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