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House System

Students at Antonine College belong to one of four houses and are an important part of their time at the college. Each house proudly bears the name and values of significant people to the college, to our faith and to Australian culture and identity.

The House System enhances student connectedness and is an important protective factor for many students, the house system supports students to experience ‘belonging’, have positive experiences of school, feel their values align with the school’s, and build positive relationships with their peers.

Throughout the year student will participate in school activities, these include a range of sporting, cultural and other events where each House competes or is awarded points.

Every year, the overall F-12 House Winner is announced at our Whole School Mass connecting the Primary and Secondary Campuses.


This House is named in honour of Mother Mary Mackillop who is Australia's first Saint.

  • Born in Fitzroy, Melbourne in 1842.
  • In 1861 she went to work in Penola, a small town in South Australia, where she met Father Julian Woods and together they opened Australia’s first free school ‘The Sister of St Joseph’.
  • She took a vow of poverty, which meant Mary and her followers had to beg for money.
  • Mary’s followers grew, and by the time she died in 1909 there were St Joseph’s Schools all over Australia.
  • Beatified in 19 January 1995 by Pope John Paul II.
  • Canonized 17 October 2010, Rome
  • Feast Day 8 August
  • The RED HOUSE bears her name.


This House is named in honour of Saint Maroun.

  • Born in the middle of the 4th century.
  • He was a monk and priest who later became a hermit. He was an ardent follower of Christ and a zealous missionary with a passion to spread His
  • message by preaching it to all he met.
  • He renounced the world and its attractions and lived in the ruins of an ancient pagan temple, transforming it into a place of prayer and meditation.
  • The Maronite reached Lebanon when St Maroun’s first disciple Abraham of Cyrrhus, realised that paganism was thriving in Lebanon. He set out to convert them by introducing them to the way of St Maroun. He is the patron of the Maronite.
  • He died in 410 AD.
  • The GOLD HOUSE bears his name.


This House is named in honour of Sister Marie Nassar.

  • Born in Nabay El-Maten, Lebanon.
  • First Principal of Antonine College.
  • In 1980 Sister Mary together with Sisters Florence, Henriette and Charles were the first Antonine Sisters to come to Australia.
  • The Antonine Sisters established a Language School, a Childcare Centre, a Primary School and Secondary College.
  • Over the years Sister Mary has worked tirelessly demonstrating her leadership ability and pastoral concern for all. She remains an example for
  • us, as we admire her devotion to God and her selflessness in all her undertakings.
  • The BLUE HOUSE bears her name.


This House is named in honour of Andrew Barton Paterson.

  • Born in 1864 at Narrambla, New South Wales.
  • His passion was poetry and he signed his published poems ‘the Banjo’.
  • In his poetry, ‘Banjo’ Paterson captured the magic of Australia’s bush and the characters who lived there.
  • His ballads inspired a pride in Australia and his “Waltzing Matilda” has become Australia’s unoffi cial national anthem. His robust bush ballads, nostalgic for the pastoral age, were tremendously popular.
  • He died in Sydney in 1941.
  • The GREEN HOUSE bears his name.