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Online Safety

Antonine College is an eSmart School

eSmart Resources for teachers and parents

Series 1: The Crisis Edition

Series 2: Teaching and Learning

Series 3: School Operations

Series 4: Regional Support (includes a bonus Dolly's Dream series)

Series 5: Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Series 6: Online Bullying and Abuse

Series 7: Games, Apps and Social Networking

Series 8: Privacy and Online Safety

Series 9: Relationships and Social Connectedness

Series 10: Reconnecting and Supporting Wellbeing

Series 11: Sexting and Image-Based Abuse

Series 12: The New Normal

Series 13: Media Literacy

Helping young people exposed to upsetting content
This article, from Netsafe NZ, provides insight into how to help a young person if they are exposed to upsetting content.

Why students don't bock and report cyber bullying – and what parents can do
This guidance document offers advice on how parents can help their kids understand what to do if they encounter cyber bullying online.

Five tips for parents on using play to support children
This downloadable resource include information on using play to help your children have fun, build skills, work off their worries, and grow closer to their parents during home isolation.

Managing routines for children during COVID-19
This video for parents look at keeping a good routine at home, including the value of routine for kids and creating a new one.

Helping children deal with stress during the coronavirus outbreak
This factsheet is designed to help parents support their children through COVID stress, including help in recognising stress behaviours and the importance of being extra caring and kind.

Children's mental health during coronavirus
This podcast will help parents understand what their children might be thinking right now and delve into tactics, such as limiting media sources and exposure.

Coronavirus: Family guide
This useful guide covers topics such as talking with teens about distancing and isolation, including how teens might be feeling, and recognising the things they’ve lost.

COVID-19: The importance of young people making virtual connections
This article contains handy tips on organising a virtual playdate for your children and details why it’s important.