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The Dress Code applies during College hours (including travelling to and from the College) and when students are engaged in College activities out of College hours. Parents should ensure their child’s uniform is being worn correctly.

The Antonine College Uniform Policy aims to:

  • Accurately reflect the values of the Antonine Sisters College community
  • Create a sense of collective and individual pride in students and their identification with the Antonine College
  • Promote a positive College image within the wider community.


All students are required to own and wear the prescribed Antonine College uniform daily and for all Official and special occasions. Uniforms should be kept clean, pressed and mended, and shoes must be kept clean.

Please note that students can now choose to wear the winter or summer uniform in any given term dependent of weather. However, students cannot mix the winter and summer uniform items. It is either full winter uniform or full summer uniform. Same applies to PE days, it is the full summer PE or full winter PE uniform.

Breaches of aspects of the dress code will include disciplinary consequences consistent with the Student Behaviour Policy.

A written note is required when circumstances arise causing children to wear non-uniform attire.

Uniforms are purchased from Academy Uniform:


  • Small ear studs or sleepers (only one per ear)
  • Wristwatch
  • One religious bracelet and/or necklace

NB: The wearing of rings, nose/brow rings, face piercings, bracelets, bangles and all other jewellery is not permitted. The school will not accept responsibility for jewellery items or other personal belongings.


  • Make up including no artificial eye lashes
  • Coloured nail polish
  • Artificial nails/gel nails/long nails
  • Visible body piercing/tattoos

Only uniform items authorised by the College are to be worn during school hours.
Items not listed on the College dress code are prohibited.


The College expects students’ hair to be neat, clean, kept off face and must remain in its natural colour or if coloured it must be one ‘natural’ colour.

  • Long hair for boys or girls must be neatly tied back and the eyes must not be covered by hair. No hair extensions permitted.
  • Short hair styles must be neat.
  • No extremes in hair colour and styles permitted
  • All boys to be cleanly shaven.

All items of clothing and equipment must be clearly marked with the child’s full name.
The College cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of any possession.

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