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Antonine College prides itself on having high expectations and striving to achieve learning success for each of our students. Our motto Faith, Knowledge, Virtue demonstrates the emphasis placed on developing the whole child through education.

We believe that all students can learn in a safe and secure learning environment when given sufficient time and support. We believe that Literacy learning is the key to life-long learning and it is the explicit teaching of Literacy skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading, Viewing and Writing, that underpin learning across all curriculum areas. We provide a balanced and integrated approach to Literacy, using the Victorian Curriculum and a variety of practices and approaches.

We provide daily focused and explicit Literacy lessons:

  • Whole class, small group, pair and independent work
  • Variety of teaching strategies, text types, and print, audio, visual or digital resources
  • Connections are made across curriculum areas
  • Real-life literacy experiences are used to teach specific literacy skills
  • Students participate in a variety of incursions and excursions to further develop and enhance their listening, speaking, reading, viewing and writing skills
  • Student complete sustained independent reading with a just right book
  • ERIK Intervention Program for students needing extra support in their Literacy learning
  • Tutoring Program to support students to achieve their best

Partnerships between home and school are vital:

  • We encourage daily reading to, with, and by parents/carers with their children at home.
  • We also encourage parents and carers to become involved in their children’s Literacy learning via:

- parent information workshops
- parent teacher interviews
- SEESAW communications
- newsletter articles
- school open days
- working in the junior classrooms via the Classroom Helpers training course.

We are continuously striving for improvement in our Literacy teaching and learning practices, to best meet the needs of our students in the 21st Century.