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Student Support

College Chaplains

The students have opportunities to meet with the Maronite priests who work in the College community to support students in their spiritual development. This happens in College and class Masses, preparing students for the Sacraments, offering reconciliation, class visits, meditation and giving talks to year levels.

Student Counsellor

The College has a student counsellor available to students and parents.

Appointments can be made by referring through

  • Senior or Middle School Wellbeing Leader
  • 7-12 Wellbeing and Engagement Leader (St Joseph Campus)
  • Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing (Cedar Campus)

Careers Counselling

We have a full-time Careers Counsellor to provide support to students on an individual basis as well as ensuring all students are developing age appropriate Careers and Vocational skills across the curriculum.

Learning Support Leader

At times some students struggle to cope with the demands of the curriculum due to learning difficulties or health reasons. If you are concerned about your child, contact the Learning Support Leader to discuss your concerns and determine whether your child needs extra support.

Pastoral Care and Student Wellbeing Programs

All students in the college participate in a range of Pastoral Care and Wellbeing programs to effectively meet the personal, social and academic needs of students.

  • You Can Do It! - Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum
  • Life Education Van
  • Anti-Bullying Programs
  • Internet Safety
  • Pastoral Care Classes
  • Headspace Resilience Workshops
  • Police Personal Safety Presentations
  • Respectful Relationships Education