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Antonine College Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser 

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

A big thank you to all to all our families who came and supported us during our Bunnings Sausage Sizzle on Saturday 22nd June. We raised in total $4136.50 which will go towards our Cedar Campus playground which costed $116,275

This amazing effort would not have been possible without the time and commitment of our staff and parents.

We thank our staff for helping on the day

  • Robert Fomiatti
  • Abraham Diab
  • Carlos Abreu
  • Nelly Bastas
  • Ria Coffey
  • Christina Staunton-Burke
  • Vivien Eghnatios
  • Ayesha Guido
  • Rita Osta
  • Diane Farah
  • Sr Veronique Karam
  • Natalie Saliba

A big thank you to our p&f committee and fathers for also helping on the day or donating items

  • Sahar El Cheikh
  • Mary Farah
  • Sandra Kyriakous
  • Diala Murr
  • Jimie Elley
  • Liliane El Khoury
  • Najwa El Khoury
  • Rania Tannous
  • Sophie Saba
  • Victoria El Hajj
  • Hiba Diab
  • Natalie El Halabi
  • Therese Jeitani
  • Jackie Azzi
  • Tony Azzi
  • Wally Bacash
  • George Fattouche
  • Elie Boulos
  • Becharra Assli

We are truly appreciative to the kind donations of 70kgs from Mr Joseph Kairouz at Cedar Meats and 25kgs of onions from Mrs Paula Abou Zeid at Fresh on Young Food Hall

A successful event and a fun day. Thank you again!

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