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Antonine College Campus Building Updates

Thursday, February 09, 2023

During the summer break Cedar campus upgraded their current Vegetable Garden Area. The update included additional garden beds, benches for students to sit and resurfacing the ground.

Students are provided with the opportunity to work as a team and grow vegetables throughout the year. The garden program is integrated into the curriculum. Students are involved in procedural writing, creating recipes with vegetables grown and eating them!

Currently the maintenance team is working on setting up a vegetable garden for our junior year levels alongside Nicholson Street. This includes 5 garden beds. The holiday break provided the opportunity for our builders to refurbish all student toilets at Cedar Campus. This included tiling, painting, new flooring and toilets.

The school purchased 80 iPads for our Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 classes. Students will be able to access a variety of educational learning apps to compliment all learning taking place in class. Cedar Campus Staffroom was upgraded with 2 x 75-inch Monitors, new pin boards and furniture to accommodate and enhance viewing for staff during collaborative meetings.

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- Mr Abraham Diab

St Joseph Campus

Over the Christmas break the St Joseph Campus staff room was refreshed and 10 new short throw data projectors were installed in classrooms, replacing the previous data projectors that were over ten years old. Work continued on completing Stage Two of the Master Building Plan at St Joseph Campus, which will include the following new facilities:

  • Two Science Labs
  • Three Arts Rooms
  • Music Room
  • Three Music Instrumental Rooms
  • Drama Room
  • Two Indoor Basketball Courts
  • Fitness Room
  • Four Staff Offices
  • Three classrooms
  • Outdoor basketball court
  • Outdoor FUTSAL court
  • Outdoor landscaping

The building works commenced in January 2022, with a completion date for the new buildings and learning spaces estimated for the start of May 2023. These new facilities will completely transform the learning and teaching spaces at St Joseph Campus.

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- Mr Robert Fomiatti

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