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Arabic Report - St Joseph

Monday, December 11, 2023

In the last semester, our students participated in “VALTA” competition which organised by the Association of the Arabic Teachers in Victoria, entitled “Why do we learn the Arabic language?” The participants’ topics varied and were expressive and attractive. The results of this competition were honourable for the majority of students, and the winners as follows:

Years 7 - 8

1st: Jacob Jabbour

2nd: Catherine Eid - Elias Farrouh

3rd: Aya Houri - Ghazl Roumi - Catalina Kanati

Years 9 - 10

1st: Vicky Bentezian

2nd: Angelina Chahine

3rd: George Farhah

Years 11-12

1st: Mary Farhah

2nd: Kreste Yacoub

Awards were distributed to the winners during the school's final assembly, and the association also allocated certificates of appreciation to all 64 participants.

In addition, the Antonine day was celebrated in this term. It was an occasion full of sporting, artistic and religious activities, and the students and the administrative and educational bodies enjoyed this event.

The activities concluded with the celebration of the “Lebanese Cultural Day”, in which activities varied from face painting, drawing Arab flags and all Lebanese tourist sites, traditional Lebanese songs were sung, students danced and played musical instruments, and delicious Lebanese food was served, and prepared by the ladies in the school canteen.

Well done!

- Ms Layla Issa (Arabic teacher 7-12)

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