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Cedar Staff – Writing Moderation

Wednesday, June 07, 2023

On Monday, 29th May, the staff at Cedar Campus gathered in the staffroom with narrative samples written by each of the students at the campus. All students responded to the same narrative prompt – a photo of a teddy bear in front of a cloudy background – regardless of whether they were in Foundation or Year 6, and used it to inspire a story. Teachers then assessed these written stories against the standards of Victorian Curriculum, looking for elements such as grammar, story structure, and use of detail and vocabulary. It was a valuable exercise that allowed teachers to compare high- and low-achieving students in their own classes with students in grades above and below, to ensure we are marking students accurately on semester reports and to identify areas where we can better support our young writers.

The staff at Cedar Campus plan to repeat this writing moderation exercise later in the year with different genres such as recounts and information reports, to ensure we are supporting student writing throughout the primary years, regardless of the type of texts they are drafting.

- Ms Mori Milholland, Ms Janine Wanda and Ms Ria Coffey

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