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Cubby House Village

Monday, October 09, 2023

Our new F-2 Cubby House Village in the front yard along Nicholson Street is a fantastic addition to the thriving junior gardens. It is a haven for discovery and developmental play. Nestled among the trees, each cubby house sparks the imagination and encourages students to embark on adventures, collaborate with peers and build lasting friendships. Their young minds can explore a hospital, where they learn empathy and cooperation while caring for their “patients”. Next door, a charming café sets the stage for budding baristas and chefs to concoct imaginative menus and serve up delicious delights, fostering teamwork and creativity. At the farmers market, students engage in buying and selling, sorting and organising. The fire station and police station offer thrilling role-play scenarios that teach collaboration and problem-solving. Lastly, the theatre is a stage where they can express themselves and explore storytelling, sparking their creativity and communication skills. This is a space where every child is encouraged to dream, share and grow together, all while fostering a love for learning through play that will last a lifetime.

Time spent in the Cubby House Village will enhance students learning of the curriculum through Literacy, Numeracy and Integrated Studies that incorporates Science, History, Geography and Health. This space will also facilitate a smoother transition to school for our foundation students.

- Ms Janine Wanda

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