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Earth Warriors Clean up Australia Week

Wednesday, April 05, 2023

On clean up Australia week, a group of people, including myself, went for a walk outside the school, as we previously planned, to pick up rubbish. On our walk, we found many pieces of hard rubbish and other items such as alcohol bottles, a lot of McDonalds cups, cigarette butts, lighters, cardboard, cans, plastic bottles and a large amount of plastic. Not only was the walk exciting, | also think the long walk gave us all a bit of exercise. The point of Clean up Australia week is to encourage Australians to clean up our land in order to protect our environment. This event links to Laudato si’ which is a letter written by Pope Francis that tells us all to care for our common home. | believe that we should always avoid littering and pick up any rubbish we see and put it in the bin where it belongs, this way we can all help protect our environment.

- Tatiana El Nachar

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