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F-2 National Simultaneous Storytime

Friday, May 31, 2024

Foundation to Year 2 students celebrated National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS) on Wednesday, 22 May. NSS is held in May every year to shine a spotlight on the important work of libraries across Australia and New Zealand every day, and of course, the fantastic children’s books that are produced by wonderful authors and illustrators.

The book selected to be read this year was Bowerbird Blues, written and illustrated by Aura Parker. This is a story about a bowerbird’s quest to find and collect anything blue to decorate his bower. After searching and swooping all over the city and bush his bower attracts something that is more satisfying and fulfilling than he could ever have imagined.

During the literacy block on Wednesday morning, the students in Foundation - Year 2 participated in the storytime reading of the book followed by literature-based activities. Just before the first break the students then gathered in the atrium to share their activities with each other. There was a strong message of caring for the environment throughout the presentations of the students. This connected very well with our focus on Laudato Si’ week where we are called to care for our common home, and with our 2024 College theme - Praise God, Creator of all humanity and the environment.

The assembly concluded with a viewing of a videorecording of acclaimed children’s author and current Australian Children’s Laureate, Sally Rippin, reading Bowerbird Blues.

Click here to view the Australian Children’s Laureate website.

- Mr Gavan Kelly

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