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ICT Excursion

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

On Tuesday 21st June, 19 girls across Years 8 – 10 attended the technology conference for high school years organised at Darkin University in Burwood.

The program aimed to shine a spotlight on providing pragmatic, realistic, and relatable stories, perspectives and experiences around careers and opportunities across the ESTEAM (Environment, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) spectrum - and why having an ESTEAM background is crucial to girls’ careers and aspirations in the future.

These girls had practical hands-on immersive events, small group workshops where they won headphones, speakers, game making tool and other goodies. The careers fare offered opportunity to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for potential ESTEAM careers. Students enjoyed various pathways they were introduced to and that how their interest in different subjects can be paired with technology.

-Ms Polly Kaur

This Digital tech excursion was lots of fun!!!! We were able to go around different workshops and learn more about why in future, working in technology will benefit our world!!! We even came back carrying a bag full of items and memories.

- Angi Alzwahra (Year 8D)

The STEM experience in Deakin University was an extremely fun event. We were all grateful to be given the opportunity to explore the many career paths available for women who strive for a future in STEM. Experiencing pathways from technology to banking, all students were provided with new knowledge. l also collected memorable monuments from the wide range of workshops set up. All students gained much understanding and knowledge while also enjoying a memorable experience at Deakin University. we’d just like to extend our thanks to Ms Polly for making such an experience possible and being a great company.

-Helene Ishac (Year 10)

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