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Saint Joseph Campus Library

Friday, June 07, 2024

This past semester in the Library, students continue to be involved in many activities.

More students than last year are seen to be using the library during their Break time for study and homework.

This year students have been involved in selecting new books from our book sellers as well as offering their suggestions for new titles.

With the help of our assistant Sally, each month a trivia quiz is being devised and played with our junior students. The first quiz on the theme Fortnite, congratulations to Joseph Pauls, Lucas Zachariah, Lucas Fedhail and Savion Toma.8

Antonine has been promoting the Shelftalkers a website project developed by the School library association of Victoria. Finally Antonine has features with our first reviews from Joud Rustom in year 8 finally published. Check it out

- Ms Josie Rovetto

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