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Senior Girls Soccer

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

The Antonine College girls’ soccer team has had great success over the last couple of years. We are very pleased to have a senior team (girls from year 10-12) to represent the school this term. On Friday of last week, we kickstarted our campaign against Tomas Carr. We were very proud to come away with a score of 5-0. Students worked extremely well as a team and represented the school well. 3 votes were awarded to Lida Zomaya for best on ground. I congratulate the following students for their participation in the game on Friday:

  1. Lida Zomaya (captain
  2. Angela Yosif
  3. Neveen Hassanieh
  4. Helene Ishac
  5. Eden Kanaan
  6. Angie Ishi
  7. Chanel Samie
  8. Milena Klaymeh
  9. Layal El Saleh
  10. Yasmin Saleh
  11. Isabel Mousa

- Miss Isabella Athaide

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