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St Patrick's Day Excursion and Concert in Park

Monday, March 25, 2024

Catholic Education Week began on Sunday 10th of March and ended on Sunday the 17th of March. The week is an opportunity for all Catholic schools within the Archdiocese of Melbourne to celebrate their Catholic identity. Joining the celebrations of the week, a small group of students from St Joseph’s Campus attended the Mass at St Patrick’s for schools, followed by a concert in the park. Thank you to Sister Rita for accompanying our students to the Cathedral and concert.

- Ms Natalie Saliba

    ‘Today, we were fortunate enough to attend the St Patrick's Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral and the Catholic School's Concert that followed at the park after. The mass was absolutely beautiful. It commenced with the ceremony of the flags in which Marybel and Joud proudly carried our Antonine Flag amongst those from other schools. The mass was also enriched with impressive musical composition consisting of a student based orchestra. Following the procession, we walked to the nearest park where we were able to have a quick snack, enjoy some of the performances and partake in activities such as the tug of war, skipping, soccer and much more. Thank you to Sr Rita for a faithful and memorable day.’

    – Tahlya Mardini, 11C

    ‘The trip to St Patrick's Cathedral was a beautiful day where Archbishop Peter A. Comensoli said Mass for Saint Patrick's Feast day which fell on Sunday the 17th of March. Our school and all Catholic schools under the Melbourne Archdiocese of Catholic Schools were present. After the Mass, we took a photo with the Archbishop and headed to Fitzroy Gardens for a relaxing afternoon where there was a concert led by a few students and fun activities such as Soccer and Tug of War. Overall, it was an honour to represent the school on this day.’

    – Charbel Chalhoub, 11C

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