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Staff Professional Learning Day

Tuesday, March 05, 2024

On Tuesday Antonine College Staff participated in an activity as part of our preparation for the School Review process which takes place in early term 2. Every four years schools undertake the review process to ensure compliance and to set improvement goals to work towards.

Our improvement goals over the past four years have focused on the following:

  1. That students’ reading comprehension outcomes will continue to grow.
  2. That teachers and leaders use relative and progressive student achievement data as the focus for shared discussion, analysis and collective action
  3. That the curriculum has coherence across the College.
  4. That assessment successfully measures student achievement relative to the standards
  5. That the Wellbeing for Learning model and its alignment with school values, is modelled and monitored in classrooms

I am pleased with our progress towards achieving these goals, it is positive to reflect on our intended actions for the period 2019-2023 (considering the interruption of COVID) and celebrate the many areas of achievement, the development of processes, innovations and collaboration that have supported the improvement of our school and importantly the learning outcomes for our students.

I am looking forward to creating a new action plan to support the 2024-2028 improvement cycle and sharing these goals with the community.

As part of our day, we enjoyed a special morning tea in honour of our Business Manager Chris McCulloch who is retiring and the Cedar Campus Teacher Librarian Gavan Kelly who we recognised for 40 years of teaching. You can see some photos from the day where gifts and certificates were presented.

- Ms Ria Coffey

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