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The Easter Celebration’s Day

Friday, March 31, 2023

St Joseph Campus celebrated the Easter Day on the 31st of March. It was organised by the Community of Practice (Culture and Communities group): Arabic Cultural Activities/Intercultural Activities.

This event covered group of religious and cultural activities such selling Easter cookies (Kaak and Maamoul) which made by the students and their parents for charity purpose, Easter choir performing the Easter hymns which transferred the atmosphere of Easter to this celebration and designing Easter foam eggs.

Also, we distributed the vouchers and the certificates to the winners in the Poetry Competition.

All students and teachers enjoyed these activities and bought cookies in order to support the charitable project.

Congratulations to everyone for the success of this Day, and thanks to all those who helped and participated, including students, teachers, administrators, leaders, and sister Rita Al-Azzi, as well as to the school principal, Mrs. Joanne Bacash, for her continuous support for all school activities.

Special thanks to the parents who prepared the Easter cookies with their kids with love and generosity.

Happy Easter

- Mrs Layla Issa

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