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VCE course and career expo

Friday, May 17, 2024

Year 11 attended the course and careers expo on Friday 17 May. It was great to start the day early before the other visiting schools arrived.

During careers lessons students had the opportunity to plan their visit and prepare questions to ask the various educational and employer representatives at the event.

Student reflection:

I’ve had the riveting opportunity to participate in the Antonine Year 11 Career Expo excursion with the year 11 cohort present.

The career expo consisted of many Universities, Government fields and independent faculties advertising their career opportunities through pamphlets, books and many even offered merchandise. Scarves from the Carlton and Essendon and hats from Latrobe and Deakin University were offered in exchange to fill in some surveys/personal info. In fact ,the merchandise had gotten so popular, by the time I had gotten around to try and receive an Essendon scarf, they had run out.

The teachers also expressed an enjoyable experience as well as they saw the students engage with the facilities in the expo. My experience was largely the same, although I decided to take a tour of the available ambulance with a paramedic as a guide. I wanted to ask her the difference between an ambulance and a hospital bed, as I thought they provide very similar services. The paramedic replied whilst they do have very similar tools, hospitals give more specialised tools to officially diagnose someone and keep them for an extended time as ambulances cannot. Ambulances are vehicles served as a means of transport to safely carry you to the hospital through the injury or sickness that’s been afflicted at the moment.

Other than that tour of the ambulance, my day consisted of learning about a plethora of job opportunities in many industries including ones providing internship. All in all, the trip was quite educational and perhaps a little thrifty.

I’d like to thank the coordinators, teachers and the cohort for making this trip to the expo happen.

- Carlos Minas

- Ms Josie Rovetto

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