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VCE Last First Day of School

Thursday, February 01, 2024

Starting the final year of school feels both nerve racking and exciting, I felt a sense of accomplishment for having reached this milestone. Indeed, the weight of academic responsibilities is undoubtedly greater, however so is the desire to create lasting memories with friends before graduating and embarking on different paths. Certainly, the prospect of graduating and stepping into the real world brings a mix of both eagerness and nervousness. Nevertheless, I am determined to live each day to the fullest and relish every second of it this year.

- Kreste Yaekoub 12B

Coming into the school gates this morning felt really cool, seeing the year 7 students very shy and reserved, as well as a few other new faces in other year levels almost made me chuckle to myself as i remember myself in their shoes. Seeing my friends and meeting new teachers, as well as utilising the new spaces was very rejuvenating. My motivation to learn and pay my undivided attention to across all my subjects was skyrocketing, and i hope to maintain this motivation for the rest of the academic school year, i also wish this to all my school mates"

- Noah Elsikmani 12B

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