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VCE VM Vocational Model – Public Transport Challenge

Wednesday, February 08, 2023

The Year 11 students studying Personal development Skills and Literacy completed a Public Transport Challenge. Students had to work in two separate groups and plan their journey using different forms of public transport and make their way to a set destination within a given time. Social awareness, interpersonal skills as well as literacy were all a focus of the challenge.

Students were asked to plan for alternative arrangements in case their plans had to change. They needed to focus on being flexible and use their time management skills to ensure they were able to get to A1 Bakery and then back to school within their given time frame.

The boys started their challenge using the bus and then tram, the girls started their journey using the tram and then bus, both groups met down in Brunswick at the A1 Bakery. After a brief stop and a bite to eat, we all journeyed back to school using the train and bus and were able to walk back to school with a few minutes to spare before the deadline.

Challenge was successful, leadership skills were demonstrated, and students had to realise that they all had to work as a group. Checking the PTV app, reading timetables, being flexible and changing plans at the last minute were all challenges that as a whole group they were able to overcome. This was a student led activity based on planning and preparation completed in class, Ms Coffey and Ms Vitetta gave some general assistance, but the students were able to show independence and decision-making skills as a group.

As part of their assessment, students will complete a reflection-based activity after the event.

- Mrs Maureen Vitetta

VCE Year Level Coordinator

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