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VET tasters at Broadmeadows Town Hall

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Thursday 30 May a group of 18 Year 10 students travelled to the Broadmeadows town hall for an opportunity to find out about VET. Vocational Education and Training programs. These are subjects which can be chosen as part of the VCE. Students met providers from TAFE and employer groups.

Student reflection:

Our purpose for visiting was to acquire knowledge about VET, Vocational Education and Training. We spoke with representatives from several employers, TAFEs, and universities at the Town Hall. In Years 11 and 12, they outlined the different career pathways that might be followed through the study of VET subjects.

We learnt about a variety of careers and asked lots of questions. Universities discussed the integration of practical and logical talents. TAFEs discussed apprenticeships and demonstrated practical skills to us. Employers provided success stories and an explanation of how VET skills are applied in the workplace.

There are opportunities for every in the building and construction, printing like note or money printing, aviation and lots more. All this information will help us decide what subjects to choose for Year 11 and 12 so we can plan for the future.

- Giselle Daoud

- Ms Josie Rovetto

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