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Visit to St Charbel

Friday, October 13, 2023

­­On Thursday, 12th of October, students within Faith Club and students leaders from the College visited St Charbel’s Parish in Greenvale to hear about Father Charles vocation. Students had an opportunity to ask Father Charles questions about his calling, the way in which he could overcome challenges and his advice to them in living a life of faith.

Father Charles spoke to the students about the role of monks and his servitude to the Church. He advised them to focus on building their friendship with God, so that they can have a personal relationship with Him. Father Charles reflected on our life of faith, stating that it’s not hard to live a Christian life but it’s important that we do live it, in our actions and words. When asked whether he enjoys being a monk, Father Charles responded that the joy he feels is through inner peace. It cannot be explained, but he hopes that every individual can experience and live this peace in their life.

Thank you, Father Charles, for your time with our students and your witness to the faith. We are blessed to have you serving our community.

- Ms Tanya Khattar and Ms Natalie Saliba

    Student Reflection

    On the 12th of October 2023, the Antonine College Faith Club and SRC leaders were granted an opportunity to visit St. Charbel’s Parish in Greenvale and have a Q&A with Father Charles. Today's encounter with Father Charles was highly engaging and informative, as all peers were participating in the discussion about his monastic life. There were a variety of questions, such as “How do you feel when you pray? What was God’s calling to you like? Did you face any challenges whilst joining the monastery? As a monk, do you have authority to bless the Eucharist and what were your vows when you became a monk?” All these questions were replied with deep explanations and moving responses from our Father. We were collectively taught how to strengthen our relationship with God and love everyone around us, for he is “the Good Shephard”.

    Father Charles lives a very unique life compared to everyone else around us, where he does not own anything, including the clothes he wears. He gave up everything from his previous lifestyle and decided to pray and serve the Lord for the rest of his life. His words express that there was no regret nor doubt about living a monastic life. Father Charles truly enjoys what he does with a burning passion and says that when he met Jesus, there was nothing more in this world that could ever make him happy other than the Lord himself.

    Therefore, we were very grateful for Father Charles spending his time with us to share his story and allow us to feel even more connected with our faith.

    - Isabelle Hanna 9B

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