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Work Experience Report

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Year 10 found the most diverse work experience placements this year.

After the limitations to work placements in many industries we have had an increase in many health areas including Epping Police Station, Northern Health and Epworth Hospitals, Dental clinics, podiatrists and pharmacies in the northern suburbs. There were also placements in childcare kindergartens and leisure centres.

Once again students went out of their way to get their construction induction card to permit them to work in construction and be able to observe and assist electricians, plumbers and plasterers.

A couple of students found their way to industries in aviation, going to the Essendon airport, where Badwi Ahmar was mentioned in the company internal newsfeed:

Name: Badwi Ahmar

Year: 10

Best experience working at ACP: My best experience working at ACP is that I got to meet very amazing and kind people whilst getting to see what ACP is about. We also went to the Melbourne Airport and got to see how cargo is put into the planes. We also got to see many different planes ranging from 787-800, A330’s, A350’s, and much more.

Worst part of working at ACP: Josephine Haha

Do you think ACP is an interesting place to work? Yes, I definitely think ACP is an interesting place to work in a good way because of how I got to see how we do cargo and adjust things before we confirm them so they can be put on planes.

Would you work at ACP if you had the opportunity? Yes, I’d definitely work with ACP if I had the opportunity, the work is not complicated and the people I get to work with are amazing such as Josephine and Aron that I will miss.

Chloe Mokbel found her opportunity to work with Melissa Srbinovski a Lawyer at Adami Duque Lawyers, who praised Chloe for her politeness and attention to detail.

Charlise Segi and Gabriella Tawil in Northern and Epworth hospitals were given a timetable of activities including spending days with pharmacy, general wards and even observing surgery.

Christina Younan spent a week with Victoria Police including visiting and investigating crime scenes.

Some students completed placements in child care and primary schools being of great assistance to carers, teachers and young children.

Retail employers were very pleased with most students work ethic and commenting on our student’s professionalism, Joelle Alsaloum. A couple of students Chloe Mouhamad and Charbel Chalhoub were offered employment.

All students will receive a certificate of work experience to include in their CV and career portfolio.

Year 9 students are encouraged to consider their interests and find a work experience placement for next year.

- Ms Josie Rovetto

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