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Year 10 Real Industry Job Interview

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Year 10 participated in the Real Industry Job Interview at Coburg Town Hall on Tuesday 10 October. The interviews provided students with an opportunity for them to get immediate feedback on their presentation and job skills. Students feel a great sense of achievement and relief realising the opportunity was so enjoyable and positive.

Students spent the term developing Job and Interview skills including updating and creating their resume, looking for a relevant job advertisement and writing a cover letter.

A representative from MEGT also delivered a presentation to assist students’ preparation for interviews. Much time was spent assisting and preparing students to deal with anxiety before interviews. It was a pleasure to see the efforts students made to attend and dress appropriately.

Our partners from the Inner Northern Local Employment Network provided positive feedback particularly with the letter of thanks sent by our students. Here are some examples of letters students sent to their interviewers and how they felt.

Dear Madam,

I would like to thank you for giving up your time to interview me and let me experience how real-life job interviews are like. I am grateful for the opportunity and the feedback that was provided by you.

This interview has given me more confidence when attending interviews. I will reflect on the feedback given by you and will try to improve.

- Maryam

Dear Rachel,

Thank you for giving up your time to interview me and giving me detailed feedback on how I can fix my resume. I have used the tips that you’ve given me. I also want to thank you for making me feel as though I have done a good job in answering the questions and making me feel comfortable while I’m at it.

- Philip

- Ms Josie Rovetto

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