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Year 10 Retreat

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

The Year 10 Retreat was held on the 22nd of June and facilitated by the Youth Mission Team. Students participated in various discussions and activities on the impact of their decisions and choices and the way in which they can influence how others see themselves by the choices they make and the relationships they form.

I, Jayden Sadek, was honoured to take part in this year's fulfilling Year 10 Retreat. This experience allowed me to further my relationship with those who surround me, but most importantly the one who surrounds us constantly, and that is God. My relationship with Jesus Christ was able to be deepened with the amazing religious acts, exercises, and prayer that I was specifically offered on this day. Many of the things that were talked about by the Youth Mission Team allowed me to reconsider my view on a spiritual lifestyle and the constant struggles that a believer faces. I am incredibly thankful to have been a part of this special day which gave me a new insight on a Christian lifestyle that will deepen my relationship with God.

- Jayden Sadek 10B

    The Year 10 Retreat was a beautiful and relaxing day filled with fun activities that also linked back to our faith. Throughout the day, the Youth Mission Team prepared activities such as charades and discussion topics on whether we agreed/disagreed. At the end, we prayed and reflected on our day and then each student was given the chance to sign their name on the cross. Overall, it was an enjoyable day.

    - Charbel Chalhoub 10B

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