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Year 10 Retreat

Thursday, June 20, 2024

On Thursday 20th of June, Year 10 students participated in their annual retreat which was facilitated by the Youth Mission Team on the topic of ‘Self-Image’. Throughout the retreat, students reflected on the priceless gift of their individuality and the dignity and value that they each have as children of God. Thank you to all students, teachers, and of course the Youth Mission Team for a wonderful retreat.

‘The YMT retreat was a transformative experience, a journey where we delved deeply into our faith and discovered profound truths about ourselves. In the serene moments of prayer, we found a powerful stillness that allowed us to reflect, connect, and emerge with newfound clarity and unity. It shifted our perspectives, making us see life through a lens of deeper understanding and purpose.’

  • Channel Korkees, 10B

‘The YMT retreat was a wonderful experience for the whole year level. We were able to do various amounts of fun activities that made sure everyone was getting involved and being cooperative. Through this we got to learn about self-image and its importance to all of our lives. We ended the retreat with a prayer where we lit candles, and it was a memorable moment between our year level. I’m sure everybody enjoyed the retreat and got to learn something new from it.’

  • Jemi Aldoski, 10A

- Ms Natalie Saliba

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