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Year 11 Career Action Plan Interviews

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

All Year 11 completed their final assessment task for careers development, the Career Action Plan interview. Students present and reflect on the progress of their career development so far. Interviews were conducted by teachers including Ms Farah, Mr Chamoun, Mr Lattouf, Ms Marcus, Ms Saliba, Mr Fomiatti, Ms Vitetta and Ms Diab. The experience is enjoyed by staff as much as students

100% of students rated the career action plan and interview program as ‘good’ or better.

Students enjoyed the following things about the program, this is what they had to say:

  • ‘Talking about my plans for the future’
  • ‘Gives me a brief outlook of how future goals and planning looks like’
  • ‘I enjoyed telling things to the teacher about what I like so far in year 11’
  • ‘I liked how it make me realise things about myself.’
  • ‘Talking about my experience throughout the school year’
  • ‘Validation’
  • ‘Reflecting on the questions that I hadn't thought about. It made me question my goals and career choices’.
  • ‘I got to know more about where I can look at courses and fields for future studies.’

Most students were very well prepared for the experience of the interview as they had weekly careers/ pastoral care sessions to work through their plans and access the careers website for research.

Many students commented on the development of their skills especially interview technique, summed up neatly by Kreste:

‘I learned about courses and career information and also improved my decision making skills’.

    It was a pleasure to meet and learn so much from our Year 11.

    - Ms Josie Rovetto

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