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Year 11 Excursion to the Broadmeadows Magistrates Court

Thursday, March 14, 2024

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Year 11 Legal Studies excursion to the Broadmeadows Magistrates Court provided students the opportunity to meet with a Magistrate, explore courtrooms and observe courtroom proceedings.

The Q&A session with a Magistrate prior to observing the courtroom proceedings proved to be an insightful experience for the students as they had the opportunity to hear first-hand the role of Magistrate and other court personnel, such as Judicial Officers, legal staff, and administrative staff. The students were captivated by the enormity of the Magistrates role description, career pathway and the important responsibility to balance the rights of both parties in a court dispute/matter without fear or favour. The opportunity to spend two-hours in various court rooms observing the court room in practice showcased the principles of justice in action which consolidated their introduction to the foundations of the legal justice system.

The students are to be congratulated for their exemplary behaviour and I am delighted to share the feedback we received via email from the Operations Manager @ the Magistrates Court, Kelly Richardson, the following day… We look forward to you bringing students back to the court again – they were all so engaged and respectful – a pleasure to have in the court.’

The student smiles and curiosity were in abundance and the bus ride home included many conversations about our legal system, how the principles of justice were achieved in the court cases we observed, crime in Melbourne and studying Law. I am hopeful that today’s experience at the Magistrates Court has inspired many to continue their interest and study in our Legal Justice System.

A snapshot of some student reflection is included as it showcases the value of our court visit.

Ms Fran Cometti

Today's Excursion at the Magistrates court was interesting and highly engaging. I enjoyed seeing a variety of people come up to the court and talk about their cases. It was a unique experience to be in a room filled with different people, who are facing their own challenges in their lives, and communicate with the Magistrate to find a better alternative for their situation. I hope to visit the court another time and observe the different cases in court. 
- Isabelle

My experience at the Magistrates court was very joyful. I had a wonderful time experiencing something new and going to the court in person and listening to many interesting cases. Listening about everyone’s job and roles in the court had given me a further great insight of what the legal field is like and how fast pace and stressful it can be. Seeing how everyone works together shows how the system runs smoothly and how court cases are solved in an efficient amount of time. Sitting down on the chairs in the court room waiting for the court cases to start was a very suspenseful and nerve-racking moment for me, but as the cases were being presented and solved, I became more invested and interested, and grateful for being able to view all this in person, soaking in the information that was presented in front of me. I enjoyed listening to all the different cases and hearing the problems that happen in real life and they are resolved by the hard work of everyone in the courtroom like the Clerks, magistrates, lawyers, prosecution and more. I really enjoyed my day yesterday and I had so much fun, it was a great experience and I’m very grateful for it. 

- Angeline

Visiting the magistrate's court was a remarkable experience that gave me a glimpse into my envisioned future. Witnessing the legal proceedings unfold filled me with a sense of purpose and determination. The atmosphere was charged with the pursuit of justice, and I found myself drawn to the principles of fairness and integrity. It was a moment that reaffirmed my passion for law and illuminated the path I aspire to follow a future where I advocate for equality and contribute to a more just society.

- Channel

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